Paris Street Boutique Fashion Show benefiting Domestic Violence Solutions

Paris Street Boutique

Madame COCO CHANEL has been my inspiration for fashion since I was a young woman. Her chapeaux, her signature pearls, her tweet jackets and her CC logo represnt DESIGN ROYALTY. Ms. Chanel had talent, a vision and gutspa to compete in a man's world. I dedicate my home page to you Ms. Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, you are my idol.

A little history about my boutique...just over two years ago, what started out as a strictly vintage shop has morphed into the "go to shop" for new Paris street-style fashion. I have always had an affinity for vintage style with French inspiration. We love all things vintage! We are revisting the golden years of Hollywood and Paris with new design fashion, fashion trends, and glamour, new and vintage hats. We are full to the brim with new Paris inspired fashion and accessories.

We are now adding luxury consignment items to our list of fine merchandsise. We will accept all high end labels and pay 60% commission!

In the near future, you will be able to purchase some of the chic fashion right here on my e-boutique.

As you walk into my boutique you will instantly be transformed into Old Paris with a boudoir-like space surrounded by reminders of vintage Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Emotion provoking French oldies, like
La En Vie Rose, play in the background to remind you of the romance of Paris. Our stylists/personal shoppers are passionate about helping fashion-conscious ladies like you look effortlessly tres chic.

Every season, we focus on finely edited affordable fashion from the collections of unique and gifted designers emerging into the fashion scene.

Our sun-drenched storefront also consigns high-end designer handbags from our neighborhood's poshest hipster ladies who consign their pristine
high-end designer handbags and accessories. We currently have in stock Chanel, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Gucci handbags and accessories.

The grande dame is Alma-Rose Middleton, proprietor of Paris Street Boutique. She brings years of experience styling for Hollywood's entertainment and photography industries. She previously owned vintage and antique boutiques in the Los Angeles area.

Our motto is "when you look great, you feel great, you should feel no less than a chic Parisienne".

Alma-Rose Middleton

Domestic Violence Solutions

We are dedicated to:

Providing safe and confidential shelter for battered women and their children throughout Santa Barbara County.

Providing emotional support and personal advocacy to battered women and other women in crisis, enabling them to recognize strengths and resources within themselves. We encourage women to be empowered to be free to make choices.

Playing a leadership role in effecting social change by educating the community, by associations with other social change groups and by supporting the work of women's rights organizations.


We affirm that we live in a society where resources, power, privileges, rewards and justice are distributed unequally. Therefore we hold these truths to be self-evident:

Domestic violence is not solely a woman's issue, nor is it solely a man's issue. However, the vast majority of victims of domestic violence are women.

Domestic violence is about power and control.

Domestic violence is not a relationship problem.

A person using power and control over another is entirely responsible for his/her behavior and the outcome.

Domestic violence affects all people in our society, not only the victim and the perpetrator.

Domestic violence is child abuse; it is a learned behavior; it affects the whole family and is cyclical and intergenerational.
Domestic violence feeds on silence.

Therefore, it is our conviction that:

Domestic violence is preventable.

With effective intervention, violent and abusive behavior and attitudes can be replaced by healthy behavior and attitudes that are based on equality.

Both men and women must work to end domestic violence.
Societal norms must change if we are to end domestic violence.



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