Club Mercy Presents: Mat McHugh & The Seperatista Soundsystem

Mat McHugh & The Seperatista Soundsystem

It's been over a decade now that Mat. McHugh has been at the forefront of the Australian independent music industry.
Under the aforementioned 'the Beautiful Girls' moniker he has released 4 successful studio albums that have sold in excess of 300 thousand copies Worldwide.
Multiple World tours that have included packed rooms in North America, Japan, Europe and Brazil as well as countless sold out Australian shows.
ARIA, APRA and Triple J award nominations as well high rotation airplay for many of Mat's songs were statistical highlights.
After the success of the Beautiful Girls last album 'Spooks, which was written and performed entirely by himself, Mat. began focusing on releasing music and touring under his own name.
A strong feeling had emerged that, eventually, compelled him to be forthright in the presentation of his music.

' I guess I just wanted to let people know that it was me behind this music. That I've devoted my life to making this music and releasing it independently. I've been super fortunate to have been surrounded by a collective of talented people that have helped bring it to fruition but the music is the sound of my heart. I didn't want to hide that behind a pseudonym anymore. No more artifice. No more protective barriers. I never had a dad around when I was growing up either, so I wanted to show my son that I am proud of our name. '

In mid 2012 he released his new album 'Love Come Save Me' as a free download as a 'thanks to the people that have supported me over the years as well as the spirit of music itself. I feel like you have to balance out receiving with giving otherwise the whole thing falls apart.' Love Come Save Me has now been downloaded just under 50000 times and was voted in the Top Ten Roots Albums of 2012 by highly influential national radio station, Triple J.

Within two years Mat. has shared the stage with The John Butler Trio, Sublime and Soundgarden's Chris Cornell as well as performing at highly regarded music festivals around the World such as Bonnaroo , Wakarusa, Electric Forest and Australia's East Coast Blues and Roots Festival.
All with nothing but an acoustic guitar, a sampler and a loop pedal.

These 'solo' shows were however a means to an end.
They proved a vital paying of dues and a provider of the necessary distance to contemplate his next move.
Towards the end of 2012 Mat. began playing shows with his new musical collective The Seperatista Soundsystem' .
Named after the title of his first 'solo' album and comprised of long-time collaborators Ian Pritchett on bass and Paul Derricott on drums.
All the elements that gave 'The Beautiful Girls' their unique, genre defying sound are very much at the forefront. As is the energy, passion and evident love for creating music.
Dub, blues, punk, acoustic, reggae, hip hop, soul, folk music
This will be the vehicle that carries Mat. forward in his musical journey, continuing on from where The Beautiful Girls left off.

'I am as excited as I have ever been to be making music. Live shows are where it's at and I can't wait to get on the road and show people what we have to offer. I want to take what we did with TBG to the next level. I'm always writing and we'll still be including all my old songs in the set and encouraging people to sing them at the top of their lungs. Oh, and there'll be dancing, plenty of dancing …'

Mat. McHugh & the Seperatista Soundsystem will be touring internationally from now until the end of time.
They have a live album - Live At Random Hall - due for release June 2013.

viva la Seperatista !



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