Pretty & Nice

Pretty & Nice

Pretty & Nice are a Boston quartet intent on creating joyous feelings. Songs are born on sunny porches, electrified, dolled up, and slingshot skyward. It's an advanced pop crash course, and your brain may have trouble keeping up with your feet.

From their Pink & Blue debut to the Hardly Art-released Get Young and throughout the forthcoming LP with a particularly golden title, the music of Pretty & Nice is engineered for multiple listens. Songs blossom multiple times, tightrope walking between complexity and accessibility with tremendous balance. The Onion's AV Club says it well: "The band buries post-punk hooks under feverish ranting and the trash-can clang of robotic electro... Riffs are spot-welded to jerky beats, and the whole sound hinges on a gleeful self-deconstruction."


Fiona Wild and the Midnight Lights

We are Fiona Wild & the Midnight Lights! We're from St. Louis and we play the good music you want to hear. Our members: Ian Brennan: Drummer Zach Erhardt: Vocalist/Guitar Ben Stitzel: Keyboardist/Bassist



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