Who's Who (The Who Tribute)

Who's Who (The Who Tribute)

Who's Who is Chicagoland's only Who tribute band. The band consists of five musicians who enjoy what they do and truly love the music they are playing. Ever since their first show, audiences have been begging for more. The Who's Who experience is as close as you can get to a live Who show, from the peak of their career, without a time machine! Come out and see for yourself...

Guns and Ammunition (Clash Tribute Band)

Guns and Ammunition is a Chicago five man Clash cover band bringing the fire and fury of the Only Band That Matters to the 21st century.

Punk, ska, rockabilly, and high energy rock ‘n roll, the timeless music of Joe Strummer and Mick Jones gains new life, played the way it was meant to played: loud, loose, and late!

Guitarists Tim Burns and Johnny 'Larock' Simpson, drummer Dan Quinn, and bassist Dave Martin have been playing together in various Chicago-based bands for years, and new singer Shaun Ingram brings high energy to the gang.

From the primal chords of 1977’s Clash City Rockers, to all the anthems -- from classic London Calling (Rolling Stone magazine's #1 album of the 1980s) to the haunting dub of Straight to Hell, from Combat Rock in 1982 to the sounds of the late great Joe Strummer and his Mescaleros -- prepare for a long, faithful, and chronological journey through the catalog of one of the greatest rock bands ever!



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