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Good Times & Bad Advice available now on iTunes.

BIG B has been an underground heavyweight (literally) since he first debuted on the scene with ‘High Class White Trash’ in 2004. However, he made his presence known in the mainstream this past summer when his single “Sinner”, which featured Scott Russo from Unwritten Law, exploded in the Alternative Rock radio format and became the anthem for that summer, garnering heavy airplay from the world-famous KROQ amongst others.

Now, BIG B is back with his most well rounded album yet – ‘Good Times and Bad Advice’ will see this American underdog transcend genres and create a catchy album of outlaw hip hop and alternative rock melodies that will have you singing along all summer!

BIG B has become known for his raw and honest style, likening him to a modern day Johnny Cash yet blending in his own elements, namely hip-hop, alternative rock, country and even a laid-back reggae vibe. ‘Good Times and Bad Advice’ sees the Las Vegas rebel build upon the success of his smash previous effort ‘American Underdog’ and touts some of the industry’s biggest names as featured artists – Everlast, Cisco Adler (Shwayze, Whitestarr) and another epic pairing with Scott Russo!

Continuing to expand his image to diverse audiences, BIG B has even entered into a partnership with Madison Square Garden to feature the album’s title track in the legendary venue’s entire summer advertising campaign. BIG B has also been a regular cast member on the A&E hit television series INKED, focusing on his work at the Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company in Las Vegas alongside his friend and freestyle motocross icon Carey Hart. INKED became one of the most viewed television shows in A&E’s history and brought BIG B an entirely new fan base.

BIG B has unleashed four previous studio efforts, worked with underground royalty OPM, toured the world alongside icons such as Pennywise, Pepper, Kottonmouth Kings and more AND starred on a hit television show. In 2010, the Suburban Noize Outlaw will continue to expand his career and push musical boundaries while also staying true to his underground roots. With touring already planned alongside groups such as The Expendables, Hed PE and Kottonmouth Kings, BIG B also plans to remain a road dog and bring his high-energy live show to fans across the globe.

The hard-hitting lyricism, anthemic choruses and catchy guitar-infused beats of this record will captivate fans of such diverse artists as Eminem to Sublime and Unwritten Law to Willie Nelson. This fall, make sure you turn to BIG B for plenty of ‘Good Times and Bad Advice’!

Marshall Alexander


Capital Chris

Capital Chris was born Christopher M. Stanley on August 21st 1987 in High Point North Carolina. Born into what can only be described as an eclectic family, Cap C is definitely one of the most unusual MCs in the NC Hip-Hop scene. Formerly the vocalist of Carolina Music Award nominees 'Fight for a Pacifist', Chris has been active in the NC music scene since the age of 16. Encouraged by many to try his hand at Hip-Hop he hopes that his laser-like lyrical precision and rapid fire flows will land him a place alongside NC's greatest Choppers.

Capital Chris is currently working on his debut album 'Capital Punishment' and is in the planning phases of a collaborative album with NC's very own Stitchy C. Be on the look out for this young MC!

403 M.O.B (Men of Business), their music is hot and burning up the charts. 403 Mob are visionaries that are reaching new heights in the music Industry. The history of the 403 goes back to their childhood, beginning in choir at church. Music has always been a big part of their lives, but 2005 was the turning point for Philip Rainey “Ghost Unknown”, Charles Rainey “Banchie“, and Jackson Wright “Shadow J“. Around that time Eminem was huge, the movie 8mile and his music inspired us to follow our dreams. It all started when Ghost recorded a 5 bar cover of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” on his cell phone. He then showed it to others and got good feedback, therefore the seed had been planted and our journey had begun.

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