Hailing from Manchester, Connecticut, Langosta began in 2008 when bassist Stew Henderson and guitarist Matt Donovan began writing music together in a grimy basement. Some of these first riffs would later turn into songs on the Langosta Super Nature EP. After jamming with too many different drummers over the next couple years, they added drummer Zack Abramo to the mix in 2010. From there, the trio began fleshing out the earlier melodies into full-length songs. With the addition of Gabe Sciarra on guitar in summer 2012, the band was complete and began playing live shows across Connecticut and Massachusetts under the name Super Nature while continuing to write and record the songs for their EP. Changing their name to Langosta, they released their first EP, the Super Nature EP, in March 2013. Drawing on a heavy range of influences, Langosta attempts to weave together intricate melodies while keeping up the high energy that drives their music and performance. With a fan base that’s constantly growing, Langosta will continue to play shows in and around the area in the coming months, while working to record a full-length album to be released later this year.

The Ugly Club

"The Union County-based band has excelled at crafting psych-pop melodies with a punchy funk beat." - Paste Magazine

"Very sweet." - Bob Boilen - All Songs Considered/NPR

"The Ugly Club may want to change their name, because their future's pretty good-looking." - MTV Buzzworthy

Fearlessly honest and unwaveringly persistent, The Ugly Club has been operating for nearly two years with such a force that it has become impossible to ignore them (and you would be foolish to do so). With the July 2012 release of their debut album, "You Belong To The Minutes", The Ugly Club is vocally ambitious and teeming with intelligent arrangements not unlike the most progressive artists of our time. Reaching psychedelic highs comparable to My Morning Jacket and Radiohead, the delicate inclusion of jazz, indie-rock, and Prince-eqsue neo-funk sends listeners into an unanticipated daydream.

Since the humble beginnings of The Ugly Club in various small towns throughout central New Jersey, the band has had high aspirations and an unfaltering vision of their career path. Two self-released/produced EPs deep, the band has independently toured the east coast playing notable venues and festivals like SXSW, CMJ, NXNE and has received praise from publications like CMJ, Paste, Filter, MTV Buzzworthy & countless others. "If White Arrows were the hardest working 'official' SXSW band, The Ugly Club was the hardest working 'unofficial' band," says Mike Henneberger of Stages &, regarding the bands' tireless efforts busking, promoting and playing gigs during music week. With the help of both DIY marketing and free-download distribution through Frostwire and other online outlets, the bands' previous release, "Visions of Tall Girl" EP has surpassed 100k downloads worldwide.

“The Ugly Club is the kind of band male teenagers envy and teenage females dream about. And with an effort this strong, it’s only a matter of time before lines will be too long, ticket pre-sales will sell out and their faces will be ever-present," stated Greg Robson of in the early days of The Ugly Club. The musical self-realization and drive behind this mammoth sound has only grown since then, setting the tempo for the future of The Ugly Club. Now, it's just a matter of time.

Two Humans

Two Humans was a project started by Jason Rule and Lucas Borgstedt several years ago in a basement in Wethersfield CT. It was a side project that didn't actually take its current form until about 3 years ago, when the first EP "Roman Numeral Two" was released (no longer in print). Shortly after Kevin O'Donnell came to play with the band. Playing a few shows, the band came to realize that less distance between the members was needed in order to continue performing. Not long after, Justin Dubree came to play with the band, being the main bass player for quite a few shows and tours. He was first showcased on "Eat! Dance! Stop!" (no longer in print). Not long after this, studio time was arranged at Darth Fader Recording in Wethersfield. After 2 lightning fast sessions and some editing, "Good Morning, Chemicals" was released on August 13th, 2011 at the Tetonka Fortress in Naugatuck, CT. A few months later, the "Songs For Cats" split with Fung Wah Bus was released shortly on cassette (kind of still in print). With two fresh releases under the band's belt, the shows started to add up. After a few months of live performances, the band got back in the studio to release another full length record. On January 5th, 2013, "Best Folks" was released on compact disc. The two consistent members of the band are Jason and Lucas, with Kevin returning to the band as of this year.

Chris Cappello

Chris Cappello is a singer/songwriter from New Haven, Connecticut. Someone should have told him to make friends as a child, but instead he picked up a guitar. He started writing music at age fourteen and he hasn't been happy since. He's sorry if he wrote about you.

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