For this evening's collision_theory, musicians Olivia Block, Carol Genetti, and Katherine Young perform with a group of dancers organized by choreographer Kristina Isabelle.

Olivia Block - electronics & prepared objects
Carol Genetti - voice & electronics
Katherine Young - bassoon & electronics
Kristina Isabelle Group - dance

Created by Rachel Damon (Artistic Director of Synapse Arts) and Dan Mohr (co-curator of Comfort Station's Comfort Music series, and of Experimental Sound Studio's SummerSonic concerts) in 2009 as part of Links Hall's Artistic Associates program, collision_theory is a series of improvised performances by curated pairings of musicians and dancers. At each show, seasoned improvisers from both disciplines (often with little or no history of collaborating together) 'collide,' navigating an unpredictable landscape of spontaneous invention.

About the series:

Over the past four years, collision_theory has presented artists from across the U.S. in over 20 unique performances and workshops throughout the city of Chicago, at venues including Links Hall, Experimental Sound Studio, The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago, and as part of the Out of Site performance series. Through its performances and lively post-show discussions, collision_theory provides a platform for the serious presentation and analysis of cross-disciplinary improvised performance, as well as a nexus at which disparate communities of artists and audiences may find a rare opportunity to cross-pollinate.

collision_theory performances will continue on second Mondays for the foreseeable future.



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