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“Everyone becomes sea urchins and rats at night,” says PAPA's Darren Weiss, laughing
slyly. “It’s the nature of being young.”
Like with an inside joke you know, you smirk along, succumbing to a moment of reverie.
The suggestion of crawling so close to the dirt floods in bastard memories. And so, when
the versatile drummer, singer and principle songwriter next puts his band's musical
efforts in simple terms such as, setting out to make “American soul music with a punkrock mentality” on its forthcoming EP, A Good Woman is Hard to Find, you nod along,
like, yeah that sounds about right.
There's a poetic purity that runs through the songs, suggesting devious truths and well
told lies, rolling along with a natural swagger that thoughtlessly evokes hard-hitting
shakes and slow-swinging shimmies. Weiss' earnest vibrato often takes on a
Springsteen-like growl in its best moments, crooning reminiscences on “I Am The Lion
King,” “I got to make a you a woman. You got to make me a man.” In each song's groove
there’s a dangerous sexiness to PAPA—the furious grip of the dance floor, the cold
pavement outside, and the way you kiss when you’re not sure you’ll ever see the person
again or whether you'd even want to.
A Good Woman is Hard to Find is an album as ripe for romance as it is partying. It has
moments of aggression and simple bliss, with a classic sense of harmony, melody and
style. It’s a modern, rough-and-tumble take on classic soul, without a doubt. With the
help of Weiss' musical partner, friend-since-childhood, bassist Danny Presant, the tracks
gain a hip-hop sensibility that separates PAPA from simple revivalists and instead into
timeless territory. It's an exacting and revelatory ode to what's wrong with modern
romance but what won't stop one from giving it another go. Meanwhile, the cover art
shows a waifish, made-up girl, smoking a cigarette, smiling with a come-hither wink that
suggests a good time but history argues otherwise. Here we go again. It's an instant
testament to our hero's exhausting trials in love and those superficial layers that brutally
slice through once promising, meaningful connections.
Weiss and Presant grew up in Los Angeles and have always had a home in California.
Weiss is also a passionate painter and writer of prose.
PAPA’s A Good Woman is Hard to Find will be released October 4th on Hit City U.S.A.
and Psychedelic Judaism.

Future Of What

Future Of What is Blair, Max, and Sam. Formed in Brooklyn, 2012.
Pro Dreams is their first album. It will be released in 2014.
It was recorded in five different New York studios with Brian Thorn.
It’s makeout music about dreamlife and death.
Breakups. CoCo Lin. Northampton. Siblings. Girlfriends. Capitalism.

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