Badass blues-based, hard rock band from Philadelphia. Right up your alley if you're into Clutch, Thin Lizzy, Sabbath, The Sword, etc.

Screaming Rattler

Southern kissed rock AND roll done the heavy way from Philadelphia.

Ninety Ones (91s)

This quartet doesn't deserve a bio. They deserve a Tolkien like epic of a novel to describe what is going down in this stoner rock, heavy funk psych of a musical outfit. We make music for the people who get far out. If you get far out...come join us.

The Unknowns

All three members of the Unknowns were born in China during the early 90's. The three members grew up in the small ancient town of Wuzhen, North of Tongziang City. Here they found their friendship and eventually their deep interconnection of music. Living in an environment of abusive families and none stop work in the rice paddy fields, their music grew stronger. It was not until young adulthood when the three friends decided that in order for their music to be heard by normal people living in the 21st century, they would have to move to America. Even though leaving would ultimately starve their families by taking away a main supporter and worker of the paddy fields, they happily took the chance to follow their dreams. After a long escape, they ended up in the suburbs of Philadelphia. With nothing, they used their heartwarming story on the streets to be able to afford musical equipment. They currently practice together in a garage where they continue to chase their dreams of being a not-so-popular underground band.

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