BLACK WED! w/ CAMBO & The Life and Friends

CAMBO & The Life is a real, raw and rowdy four-piece band based out of Los Angeles. They have cultivated a sound that gives you the best of what hip-hop has to offer, stained with evident influences of funk, soul and rock 'n' roll. Lead by front man/writer/producer Cameron "CAMBO" Bartolini, and backed by a crew of heavy hitting musicians - Chris Crandall (drums), Jeffrey Chambers (guitar) and Matthew Denis (bass) - CAMBO & The Life is a band like nothing you have ever experienced. Each member is seasoned and fluent, and brings a unique nuance to their edgy sound.

CAMBO himself is no stranger to the stage, having performed in hundreds shows across the US, sharing the stage with acts like the Wu-Tang Clan, Atmoshpere, Brother Ali, The Living Legends, VV Brown, Mickey Avalon and many more, as well as headlining dozens of shows all over California. All of this done independently, without the help of a record label or booking agent. CAMBO prides himself in hard work and persistence, and his success reflects his drive.

After a successful year of releasing singles in their "CALL AND RESPONSE"" series, relocating from SF to LA after signing a publishing deal with Atom Factory Music Licensing, and joining forces with new drummer Chris Crandall and bassist Matthew Denis, CAMBO & The Life returned to the studio to record their debut EP "SELF DESTRUCTION" - a heavy, slightly psychotic, anthem-filled ode to the tormented-mad-mind inside front man CAMBO's head. Recorded in San Francisco's notorious Hyde Street Studios and released in 2012, this highly anticipated effort is the band's truest and biggest release to date.

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Taylor P

Taylor P began making music at the young age of 8 years old, learning to play piano and writing songs and raps. Through the years he evolved, picking up every instrument from guitar and mandolin to drums and bass and enhancing his production technique. To this day he has madea prolific amount of albums including The Blue Chronicles, Beware of the Youngsters, and The July Sessions OR Everything Must Go and has played live shows with big acts like Lupe Fiasco and Afro Man, up and coming acts like The Instant Messengers and Bo-Rat and everyone in between. He is currently playing shows and working on his highly anticipated 2010 release, 8 1/2, in the Bay Area. Keep an ear out...

Browse & Cyberclops

Cyberclops was born July 28th, 1989. He was raised in Fairfax, CA, on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. His interest in Hip Hop got him writing raps by as early as the sixth grade at only 11 years old. Despite his early start, Clops didn’t begin to share his work with peers for about five years. As it turns out, it wasn’t even his raps that would be heard first, but his instrumentals at the age of 15. The quality of his beats quickly drew attention locally. Within a year he teamed up with two of his friends Taylor P and Deacon LF to form The Funky Accident. After having done some writing and performing together, the three released “The Accidental LP” around 2006. During his first semester at Community College in 2007, Clops met LivIn’ Poetry in a music theory class. They both eventually dropped the class, and as a result lost contact. Come 2008, he started working with Browse on their first project together, which lead to performances that drew quite the local crowd. After having released a self-produced copy of their debut album, Ear Peace Records requested that they re-master the project for official release in 2011. In late 2009, Clops happened upon Poe again, who was selling fish in a hippy food market in Fairfax. Later that day he brought Poe a disc with 16 beats on it, having no idea where it was about to lead him. Those beats turned into the basis for “Twenty10′s” and the foundation of CandleSpit Collective. In 2010 Clops moved into an attic in Oakland with Will Buhler and is working on his first, and rather ambitious solo project, which will feature some big names and much of the Ear Peace crew.

Browse Words first stepped into hip-hop music during freshman year of high school, quickly becoming involved in the local scene in 2005. Taking to the record crates of Marin County, Browse drew early influence from close friend and musical colleague, Cyberclops. His early hard-hitting, sample-based production turned local heads toward an emerging movement rooted deep in the underground hip-hop scene.

Teaming up with Cyberclops in 2008, the two set to work on a project that would showcase both their unique sample-based production styles and lyrical skills on the microphone. After releasing an early cut of their self-titled album, “Browse & Cyberclops”, they followed with an array of live sets at local bars and clubs around Marin. As he continued to hone his production skills, live instrumentation, and lyrical flow, Browse Words buried himself neck-deep in vinyl and watched his unique, soul-filled swagger develop. His production has been featured on several projects including Taylor P’s “The July Sessions OR Everything Must Go”.

Sharing the stage with local acts from Bo-Rat to Cambo & The Life, Browse was soon introduced to Ear Peace Records executives Living Poetry and JB Nimble. As friendships were formed, the diverse portfolio of Browse Words continued to expand as he wove newfound inspirations and experiences into his music. In early 2011, Browse set to work on the production side of JB Nimble’s first solo album.

Browse Words’ relaxed, downtempo style shines through instrumental after instrumental throughout his vast collection. Combined with his unexampled production style, his profound vocal delivery hits home in every track recorded. Browse’s story-telling abilities and auditory integrity have quickly reached heights that even he had unforeseen. Excited by the opportunity to work with inspirational friends, Browse Words has found himself at home with Ear Peace Records young collection of musicians and artists, eager to reach the ears of the West Coast.


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