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Veteran musician, singer and songwriter, Maka, began his musical journey in 1985, after the profound affect reggae music and its spiritual message had on him. For twenty five years Maka has been performing in reggae bands in California and Hawaii. In that time he has shared crucial experiences with the vast reggae family and numerous Bredrin and Sistren of Rastafari. Experiences that include countless performances, long road trips and outer island gigs and highlighted by sharing the stage with a long list of international reggae artists and backing some as well. Maka is a founding member, keyboardist/vocalist of Hawaii's once top reggae bands, The Heartical Crew,a band whose roots sound influenced many of today’s popular Hawaiian reggae bands. After many years of directing all aspects of the music business, he focused on his personal musical path, stepping from the keyboards and up to the microphone as a conscious roots vocalist. In 2006, Maka released his debut CD ‘I Sight’. Like all the great roots reggae singers and players of instruments that influenced him, Maka is equally serious about his faith, Livity, and music. He continues doing Jah Works performing and recording as a vocalist and accompanying other reggae artists on
keyboards. He is livicated to his mission as a singer, as player of instrument and as a messenger. Through years of reasoning with Elders of Ras Tafari, he realized it was truly a divine force guiding his path, as he strives to live his life as his Elders, with humility and love. Experience, wisdom and an unwavering sense of purpose are the strength and the spirit driving the music and message. The music that he loves and performs is a Blessed Music, born in Jamaica and brought to the four corners of the Earth. Iniversal Music in Praises of the Most High, Jah Rastafari. HIM Haile Selassie I. Righteousness through Livity, Love and Jah Music.

After seven years of touring the west coast of North America, from Tijuana to Vancouver Island, BURNT has refined their sound down to raw vocals, bass-heavy soul and a rock-steady groove. Burnt's music is pure California underground - elements of rebellious reggae, old skool ska, dirty punk and true hip hop are mashed together to make for constant good times on the dance floor. This three piece band from San Francisco is stoked to bring their unique and positive vibration to the stage and your backyard!



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