Rachel & The Kings

Rachel & The Kings

You'd think a band yet to celebrate its first birthday would be bickering over whose basement is best for practice sessions. At least that's the visual a stereotypical inauguration tends to suggest. But there's nothing conventional about Rachel & The Kings, and the dynamo-style start the band boasts is no exception. Consider: with less than two months of official togetherdom, Rachel & The Kings won Ford's national "Gimme the Gig II" competition, earning huge accolades from legendary producer (and head judge) Don Was. Not to mention becoming the de facto stars of "Gimme the Gig II," set to air on KTLA in late July, 2012.

What explains such immediate and extraordinary success is a confluence of talent culled from piles of musical endowment accumulating around Denver these days. Rachel James, already an established singer / songwriter, initially teamed up with friend and producer Joey Barba (lead guitarist of former band Tickle Me Pink). As production on her first full-length album progressed, the need for formidable players to complement the music's intense construction became clear, and Barba called upon Stefan Runstrom, also of Tickle Me Pink fame, to track drums. With the eventual addition of two other notable Colorado players – Ian Short, violin player and long-time collaborator alongside Rachel, with former status playing violin for Hello Kavita and Noah Matthews, former bass player on the Alan Baird Project – the proverbial circle was complete.

And as often occurs in these charmed circumstances, the group chemistry was simply something too potent for anyone to ignore. James, Barba, Runstrom, Short and Matthews all agreed that they had to take their talents outside the studio and due justice to the dynamic sound already found behind its walls. And thus began Rachel & The Kings, a young person's super-group who proves worthy of that superlative moniker. Their live shows make fun feel justified, a sort of mature approach to having a rather rockin' good time. Their songwriting finesse and musical artistry set the band on a playing field that's really all their own. But what separates Rachel & The Kings the most from other bands is the real joy onstage they seem to experience themselves. It's a relief to see the band is in on what you already know: that this is great stuff.

Rachel & The Kings' debut album is set for release late 2012/early 2013, with nationwide performances to follow.

The Hits

We are an orignal femal Rock band, that met through the workings of Craigslist, and knew at that moment we would make history! We found a way to mix all of our personal styles into our songs which gives us a great unique rock sound!

The Next Arrival

Sami Lee and MIJAPA met during their tenure with local Denver band "Guitar Villains"
Their love for any and all music led them to start "The Next Arrival"
Play music we love. Inspire one another and our fans. Write and create music that does the same...


The idea of Gription began five years between four frustrated men who had one goal in mind - to revive the long-dead passion and spirit of rock and roll. Forged by fire, Gription has developed a sound, energy, and a live performance that does nothing less than captivate audiences and silence critics. Words do so little to describe the absolute power of Gription. If it must be done, Gription could best be compared to the music of Gun's N' Roses with the spirit and attitude of The Descendants - But at the same time, they sound like nothing you've ever heard.

Now, influenced by every worthy rocker and rebel in music history, this group of musicians is not only re-defining what it means to be a modern rock band, but they are bringing the idea of rock and roll back to a respectable level. No longer will you, the listener, have to be bored with the carbon-copied, cookie-cutter, three-chord "bands" on the radio. The revolution is here, it's time to pick a side. Are you going to fight for "popular music," or would you rather have an "authentic sound"?

The See

"It's just about inarguable: The See are the kings of Little Rock's current landscape of bands, spreading their infectious indie-rock fight songs to anyone who can holler along. If any local outfit deserves its own own Guitar Hero song-pack, it's them." -The Arkansas Times

Fitting into no immediately recognizable category, and perhaps as much in step with their New York and L.A. counterparts as with their Little Rock brethren, the See create cathartic pop rock anthems with sing-along choruses that don't let you go. The See's first full length album, Pretending and Ending, will be released March 24, 2012 on the band's own label.

Calling to mind bands as disparate as Joy Division, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Built to Spill, with obvious referencing to hallowed Little Rock heroes Ho-hum, the See have been carving out their own space on Little Rock's music scene since 2008.

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