Stray Suns

Stray Suns

Stray Suns is composed of four musicians with 2 goals in mind: to play music that doesn’t bore them, and to put on shows they would want to see themselves. They get cranky if not given lots of attention, and you must never feed them after midnight. They are a live act first, and writers of some OK music second.

Bending genres gets them hot and bothered. Their primary musical influences range from funk & soul (James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Tower of Power), jazz & blues (Tony Williams, Derek Trucks, Led Zeppelin), jam & hippy (Dave Matthews Band, Ziggy Marley), 90’s rock (Faith No More, Stone Temple Pilots, Blind Melon, Red Hot Chili Peppers) and newer alt rock (Mumford and Sons, Big Wreck, Jack White).

An amalgamation of influences can be heard in each show the band plays. While each song is crafted to be unlike the others, the shows come together as a singular musical experience—both varying and unpredictable. So they hope, anyway.

Foster And The Flight

Foster and the Flight is fronted by Lauren Foster, a homegrown Colorado singer-songwriter with a flair for capturing the feeling that’s been stuck on the thrum of your heartstrings for awhile. “Her songs and stage presence showcase her natural charm and soulful energy,” says Larry Hart of Riffs Acoustic Music. “Lauren is an accomplished player who can go from fast rhythm progressions, to catchy riffs, to emotional fingerstyle with ease, and has the vocals to match.” The Flight is Ben Felson (drums), Brendan O’Donoghue (bass), Chris Kolodey (keys), and Sophia Herscu (backing vocals). These four accomplished Colorado musicians bring their own inspiration to support Foster’s genius, and add a fresh flavor to her already full sounds. Come let the Colorado Folk of Foster and the Flight lighten your evening!

Whichita Run

Made up of singer/songwriter Conal Rosanbalm, and talented mandolinist Andrew Thompson, Wichita Run was formed in 2012 around a love of music. A love of acoustic music was first, but an open mind and ear for all kinds of sounds and creativity has helped the process. Many other influences also helped create an original and catchy sound. You'll find yourself humming the tune long after the song is over.


Nikol Werner has been a solo artist throughout most of college until she met Zack Dare, who is in numerous bands across the Denver metro area. Nikol is still writing and performing on her own but when you put the two together (Nikol&Zack) make a dynamic team, with poppy hooks, haunting harmonies and real music without the plastic attached.

Patrick Hesse

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