Evil Dead, The Musical

Evil Dead, The Musical

EDTM Get Splattered from chance newman on Vimeo.

Zombies! Blood! Chainsaw! Singing!

The show is a hilarious stage musical that takes all the elements of the cult classic films, Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness then combines them to make one of the craziest theatrical experiences of all time!

Five college students go to an abandoned cabin in the woods and accidentally unleash an evil force that turns them into demons. It's all up to Ash, an S-Mart employee, armed with his trusty chainsaw hand and double barreled Remington shotgun to save the day. Blood flies...limbs dismember...demons tell bad jokes...all set to

So much blood in fact that several rows of the theater are designated “Splatter Zone”
for those looking for a more close and personal bloody good time. Join us! JOIN us! JOIN US for one of the wildest nights you will ever spend in a theatre!!!

Rated R for strong language, sexual content and lots of blood! No one under 17 admitted without a parent or guardian.




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