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Trophy Wives

-Scott Gordon of Madison, WI's weekly, Isthmus:
"Louisville's Trophy Wives do some heavy pounding, but they leave a little breathing room. They cite the influence of stoner-metal group Kyuss, but I think they more often evoke one of Kyuss' descendants, Queens of the Stone Age. The vocals of guitarist Billy Bisig recall the wry slurring of Queens frontman Josh Homme.

Soundless was born in a thundering storm of noise in Madison, WI that laid eggs on lawns and plucked the rushes by the lake like a harp. They have been described as drunken Russian submariners playing gospel songs. They are composed of Sara Wexler (drums, keys, vocals), Amber Sebastian (vocals), Dan Fitch (vocals, guitar, drums), and Ben Fitch (vocals, bass).

Victory & Associates

Punk rock abandon, post-punk sass, classic rock you actually WANT to turn up, and indie rock that actually ROCKS. All of this... is the trail to victory… and associates. You Can't Stop The Signal, Can't Stop The Noise
Victory and Associates are on a mission of the great unjading Something to believe in. Something to sing along and rock out to.

Something fantastic.
Take the parts of huge classic rock you may actually WANT to turn up, mix it with punk rock ferocity and passion with the parts of indie rock that actually ROCK,some post-punk sensibility and you are on the trail to victory… and associates.

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