Peak City Blues

Peak City Blues

The PEAK CITY BLUES PROJECT play unique interpretations of classic blues, rhythm & blues and early rock'n'roll mixed in with their own material.

Peak City is very energetic group that has years of musical experience. They have been playing for enthusiastic SRO crowds in the Triangle and beyond. Two lead guitars, intelligent drumming, and driving bass are combined with rhythm guitar, reso, banjo, harmonica, percussion and four guys on vocals to present a sound not commonly heard in blues. There is no slack time in their sets; everything is energy from the first song to the last.

The players of Peak City Blues Project have a variety of musical gifts. Larry Butterton has studied blues and rhythm & blues for many years and throws his energy and passion into harmonica, percussion and vocals, as well as song writing. Mike Harris holds everything in place with precision bass and precise timing. Chris Kennedy has been playing multi-rhythm drums for 25 years+, and has a background in metal, gospel, soul and straight ahead rock'n'roll. Gary Miller is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and song writer who adds new colors to every song. Cliff Mitchell is one of the outstanding lead guitar players in the Triangle area, and continues to knock 'em out at every gig. Al Bethune is an outstanding musician who plays keyboards with the band and brings a gospel/jazz vibe to many of the songs.

This band never fails to satisfy!



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