Paper Lions

Paper Lions

Paper Lions is a Canadian pop rock band hailing from the unlikely small community of Belfast, Prince Edward Island. Brothers John and Rob MacPhee and neighbour Colin Buchanan began playing music together at a very young age in a variety of garage bands, but the line up was never solidified until they met David MacDonald in high school. MacDonald behind the kit, Buchanan playing guitar and Rob and John filling the positions of bass and lead vocals respectively.

For the first 4 years of the bands career they were known as Chucky Danger Band and during that time they toured extensively all over Canada. Due in part to some unique touring opportunities such as Art Starts, (a program exposing schools and communities to all forms of art), literally no ground was left uncovered, from the Queen Charlotte Islands to Charlottetown. This dedication to the road garnered the group the 2007 National Touring Group of the Year award presented by CAPACOA.

Although successful as CDB, by 2007 the band grew tired of the moniker and sought a new name more in tune with their maturing sound and new direction. On February 21, 2008 the band announced on their website they were changing their name to "Paper Lions" and would be spending some much needed time off the road to focus on songwriting.

During the winter of '08/'09 the band hibernated in their practice space on Prince Edward Island. During this highly creative period the Lions wrote dozens of songs in myriad styles. Sifting through extensive basement recordings and demos, they began to find their new sound in short explosive pop arrangements. By the summer of 2009 Paper Lions was ready to hit the studio, recording their new EP Trophies with up and coming Producer/Engineer Dan Weston (Attack in Black/Classified). Slated for release in early 2010, these six songs are rumoured to clock in at a whopping 17 min long. Possessing the unbridled energy of their live show and their deep understanding of melody and pop arrangements, Trophies, like its creators, is now prepared to take on the world.

Since their inception Paper Lions has garnered consistent praise for their unique live show experience. They have had the pleasure of playing alongside many of North America's finest acts such as CAKE, The Rheostatics, Joel Plaskett, The Golden Dogs, and Hey Rosetta! Paper Lions has also been nominated for 10 East Coast Music awards, taking home Pop Recording of the Year in 2006. Paper Lions will also grace the stage at The 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

Praise for Paper Lions:

“Musically, these guys really cook. With more than a few tips of the hat to the Fab Four and the Police, you quickly realize this band is going to be the real deal, but even with a solid understanding of the history of pop music, they are working hard at crafting their own sound.”

“These cats have all the earmarks of a breakout sensation. Similar in style and sound to Tokyo Police Club, the band's learned stage show was a sight to behold and they most certainly came through in the clutch in what will hopefully become a watershed moment in their young career.” Cameron Gordon, Chart Attack

“Leave it to a bunch of boys from Prince Edward Island to show Torontonians how to throw a show. Indie rock quartet Paper Lions did just that at El Mocambo as they brought the house down...left the audience in amazement, delivering one of the best shows of the North By Northeast festival.” Jon Brazeau,

“Paper Lions are cracking musicians, marrying catchy, shout-along pop with madcap showmanship. These guys have been nominated for multiple ECMAs; it's only a matter of time before the rest of the country starts to notice...They can sing, they can write songs, they can pull off a bitchin' Queen cover with all the technical panache it requires, and they can get a tuckered-out 1:30am crowd moving, clapping, and singing in three-part harmony with no effort at all.” Natalie Manzocco, Chart Attack

“...the lucky few that wandered over to the unenviable Hot Topic stage, at the other end of the T-Bird field, were treated to a performance by Prince Edward Island's Paper Lions, a ... quartet playing its first Warped gig. Sounding like Franz Ferdinand and moving like the Talking Heads, this group put on a real show, complete with fantastic tunes and stage presence, and enough charisma to draw more than 300 fans by the end of its too-short time on-stage. Watching the act's members grin like unabashed idiots, you couldn't help but feel that their kind of magic was the true reason to go to Warped – the off chance that you might discover something great.” - Elaine Corden, The Georgia Strait (Vancouver Warped Tour, 2007)

“To put it lightly, they kick ass. Coming out of PEI ... Paper Lions have got to be one of the most surprising bands to play at Virgin Fest. I couldn't help but be amazed by how melodic they were. The harmonies between all the vocalists was a match made in heaven, and even a simple instrument like the tambourine was played with the energy and emotion that could light up the drowsy day.”

“Talent, personality, originality, and timing. Paper Lions have the vocal harmonies and garage rock guitar riffs that will take the music industry by storm.” - Andreanne Sasseville, Talent Development/Programming Coordination, Sirius Canada

“Stellar band you've never heard of – Paper Lions from PEI, whose gig demonstrated phenomenal musicianship, showmanship and energy. Think The Police (classic era) on speed.” Heath McCoy, The Calgary Herald (Calgary Warped Tour, 2007)

Strange Seasons

"Beautiful, intimate, tasteful and eclectic sound from the soul, with the power and intensity of all that is indie/alternative rock–-realness often imitated but rarely manifested genuinely and wholeheartedly. Oh, and it's catchy." - Michael Gleisberg of 'Fallen Empires'



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