Luke Elliot

Luke Elliot

Luke Elliot is a young songwriter with an old soul. On his second disc, “Death of a Widow”, Elliot creates predominately dark-hued musical landscapes which serves as backdrop to his tales of love, heartbreak and obsession. There are elements of Americana (specifically Faulkner, Dylan and Cohen) in this disc’s five tracks but Elliot ‘modernizes’ the classic Americana sound into something that is both delicate but dangerous. Elliot’s clear vocals drive each song (in addition to driving home the lyrics) and the vocals are
complemented by brooding piano and guitar arrangements. The end result has Elliot carving out his own niche where he sounds more like an alt-folk “cousin” to John Cale or aless-deranged Nick Cave than the aforementioned Americana artists. -BROOKLYN ROCKS

Nicky P

Nicky P is a charismatic singer songwriter based out of Fishtown, PA. Started up back in January of 2011, he and his group bring a relaxing, upbeat, intimate style with a little rock/folk. Nicky P is always trying to mix things up to entertain all music tastes. He is currently working on his self-titled EP.

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