EAC Presents: Tattoo Money & Friends, The Lounge Act, Superfry, Tattoo Money, Jessica Rowboat

EAC Presents: Tattoo Money & Friends

Emerging Artist Connects Presents : Tattoo Money and Friends

Come to Happy Hour at Spike Hill, have some drinks and enjoy the first installment to the two week residency of the FREE Tattoo Money Concert experience! Along with a group of hand selected bands to perform.

This is going to be a Thursday night spent right!

Fanesha Fabre
Emilie Mover
Tattoo Money
Knight Blade
Supremo Massive w/ Cosmos 88

The Lounge Act


SuperFry is a breath of air that is freshly vintage, taking its influences from times in music where rock had groove, heart and soul.

Tattoo Money

Downtown Narrative Stories Set to The Sounds of Indie Rock with an 808!

Jessica Rowboat


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