Coming out of Chicago with their own special blend of reggae, ska, bluegrass, punk and psychedelic dub, Fersher offers a little flavor for everyone. Formed in December 2011, the band's members have played together in various bands and projects throughout the years and found a common sound in the heady jams that make Fersher. With an ever expanding library of originals and a deep catalog of classic cover songs that fit right at home on any stage, Fersher makes people dance...period.

Social Focus (EP Release)

Social Focus is a band based out of Chicago, IL. They formed during the summer of 2010 and released their first 3-song EP shortly there after. Social Focus has been performing live and gaining support in the Chicago rock scene over the past year. The band plans on recording their first full length album during the winter of 2011.

Stay tuned people!

Blue Eyed Jesus

Blue Eyed Jesus is Chicago born and bred. Like this great city, their musical soul is infused with many diverse influences. With heavy doses of Old school proto-punk, glam, heavy blues-based rock, classic metal, ancient and modern classical, and American and world folk, these guys aren't shy about playing their instruments. And these toe-tappin', head boppin', surface-simple songs truly reveal deeply subtle complexities upon further listens. Simply. They rock. And they're starting to turn heads as more and more fans are born at their rippin' live shows. Seems the folks are diggin' the big sound coming from this unassuming three piece. Keep an ear out. Peace.



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