AFTON Presents: Your Own Medicine

Your Own Medicine

Denver, Colorado-based band Your Own Medicine has been ripping up the music-scene since their formation in 2010 with their electrifying melodies and intense emotional punch. This completely unified & dedicated four-piece writes strong hooks that have captivated the local scene in Colorado for the past four years as they put their heart, skills, songs, and energy on display for excited crowds night after night.

Your medicine is currently dosed-out to you through: Michael Kellogg (Vocals, Guitar), Carlos Martin (Bass), Bo Burbank (Drums) and Emerson Willis (Guitar). After refining their sound over these past six years, these four are taking their hard-work ethic and incredible songs to a whole new level as the buzz about this intense band grows and they continue to surge into 2017. Inspired by the support of their growing fan-base and tons of new fans finding their music well beyond their home-base in Denver - this crew of four highly skilled individuals have become so much more as the sum of their parts together as a band and have been writing, recording and getting ready to release a ton of new music to the local music scene and right into the world beyond.

That time has come... At long last! Exploring their innovative abilities to bring out the best in melodic-rock music with a cutting-edge modern-day sound, Your Own Medicine has just released their explosively dynamic debut album "Waiting To Fall". A complete reflection of the intense effort they put in daily to be the very best out there in the scene, on stage, and in your speakers - watch out for this passionate group of four as they take a stage near your town next as they continue to bring their unique brand of rock and authentic sound straight to the top of the charts in an explosively music filled 2015.

Bullet InC.

Whiskey fueled, Rocky Mountain Punk. No Fake shit here. Driving beats, aggressive guitars and clean lyrical genius form the backbone of all of our songs. "...picture a shot of Pantera chased with a pint of Lagwagon". We finished work on an EP during the summer of 2009 and just released our first album 'ATOMIC DIVE BAR' on 11.11.11! We strive to make our live shows fun and memorable... Oh, and we're pretty sure we can drink most bands under the table.

We were recently voted into the “top 3 best bands in Denver” by 106.7 KBPI and Shawn “Clown” Crahan of Slipknot. Not bad for the first time around.

Influences include: Metallica, NOFX, Pantera, Johnny Cash, Steve Vai, Ozzy, The Descendents, The Misfits, Lamb of God, CAKE, Tech N9ne, Dean Martin, Jameson Irish Whiskey, beer, and more whiskey. Also, late night trips to the Paper Tiger.

Trust No One

Trust No One........we are;
Big Scott Edwards~ Drums
Mike Lehr~Bass
Scott Cray~Guitar

With TNO, you will hear covers you forgot you loved and originals that will stick in your brain. We will part your hair with a heavy, modern rock tune and bring it down to a nice blues level with some SRV. We love to mix it up like that. When you need a band that must cover a wide variety of genres for a diverse listening audience, you need TNO. Just be careful about singing out our songs the next day at work. We can't be held responsible for you being caught on the 'hook' of a Trust No One tune!

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