Us, From Outside

Us, From Outside

The Gift of Ghosts

Begin At Zero

Artistic aggression with elements of math rock and nu/melodic metal.

In the fall of 2011, two students at Missouri University of Science and Technology (located in Rolla, MO) began discussing their interests in music during class. Taylor Cogdill and Chris "Spirit" Brown found they shared similar tastes and that they both had a passion for playing the guitar. One jam in Taylor's basement, and the metal band Begin at Zero came into existence.

After developing and extensively revising a handful of lyrics and riffs, it was time to throw down some hard beats into the mix. Drummer Christian Finch came on board the following spring. As 2012 progressed, the band became tighter as both musicians and friends. Finch's drum kit also grew into a massive double set.

The final ingredient to this metal recipe entered in February 2013. Daniel Watson, former guitarist of the Neosho-based band Blackhole, transposed his talents to the bass for Begin at Zero. Unified in sound and showmanship, the four men have honed and continue to hone a distinct artistic brotherhood.

Crossing genre and element, extending beyond the umbrella of metal and even that of rock music, BaZ always seeks to outdo itself and raise the bar in writing and performing their songs. Melodic, ambient, and crunchy guitars and bass join strong percussion rhythms along with a blend of clean and guttural vocals and occasional synthesizer. The band is currently independently recording their debut EP "Breathing Ash" to be released in May 2013 and performing live in the Midwest.



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