Slow Warm Death

Honeydrum is from New Brunswick, NJ. In the words of [Matinée as] , "Honeydrum's themes are very short, muffled by methamphetamine travel and taken into space by rainbow shined as a voice of cult brainwashing you in under a minute." Yep...
Honeydrum's latest releases on AMDiscs and Gnar Tapes have focused on the homoerotic undertones of buddy cop television dramas, playing shows in children's arcades, and exploring the places that lie beyond the velvet rope boundaries of consciousness. Following the untimely deaths of Marc "The Shark" Klein-Goldblatt and Derek "Dougal" Sandberg, Honeydrum will be performing with special guests Dave "David" Bennett and Mike "Circuitbreaker" Vassallo.

Mannequin Pussy

Wolves are a band from NYC. Formed in 2012, they spent most of that year writing songs and rehearsing in their West Village space. In 2013, while still finishing their EP they started playing around the city.



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