Hey everybody, Joey Cape here.
After recently returning from Europe, Scorpios are finally bringing the party to North America.
In honor of our dear friend and fellow Scorpio, Tony Sly, we will be playing many of his beloved songs, along with Jon Snodgrass’, Brian Wahlstrom’s and many of my songs. Please join us.

Jon Snodgrass

Casual brilliance is one thing, but Fort Collins's Drag the River seems to spit up country-rock genius in the split second between slipping off the barstool and hitting the floor. Hey Buddies . . . is a crudely played and recorded EP that doesn't bother with the niceties of extensive overdubs or, apparently, rehearsal. Of course, Drag doesn't need such crap; the band has long thrived on simple, sad pop tunes overlaid with haggard twang and the occasional hollow howl of a pedal steel. And even though Buddies was made by ex-punks with beer guts, there's neither an ounce of fat nor a shred of fakery in these songs -- just a sore liver knocking on the door of its lonely neighbor, the heart.



This show has been moved to Lee's Palace. All tickets honored.

Advance Tickets available at: The Horseshoe Rotate This and Soundscapes

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