Charlie Robison

Let's just get it out of the way right up front: In the five years between his last and most successful album yet, Good Times, and his new Dualtone Records release, Beautiful Day, Charlie Robison got divorced from his wife Emily (of The Dixie Chicks). So it's only natural to assume that this is his "divorce album," which is not altogether untrue.

Buster Jiggs

For the past fourteen years the band Buster Jiggs has rocked their way through the great state of Texas. In the last few years their sound has morphed into what the band now calls “Organic Texas Rock”. There is no formula, there is no “set structure”, it is what it is, and it’s Rock N Roll.

Lead by female singer / songwriter Kristin Muennink the band inevitably catches your attention and makes you take notice.
“At times, Kristin will remind me of Lucinda Williams or even Liz Calendar of the Red River Mudcats. No wilting wallflower here. Kristin captures the listeners’ attention and draws you in with each note. Think Maria McKee during her Lone Justice days, just minus the extra helping of vocal twangery.”
-Andrew W. Griffin
Red Dirt Report

Her musical career started with Buster Jiggs. She played acoustic rhythm guitar, mandolin and was the harmony vocalist when the band first began in 1999. In 2007 she became the lead vocalist, along with opting for an electric guitar instead of acoustic. She grew-up in Robstown, TX where music consumed her everyday life. She could not get enough of listening to artists such as Boston, Steve Miller Band, Fleetwood Mac, The Police, & Gun’s & Roses. On a whim one day she went out, bought a guitar, and taught herself how to play at the age of sixteen. Writing a few songs she never really flourished as a songwriter until she cross paths, with now husband, Scott Muennink.

Scott was born and raised in Hondo, TX. He got his first kit and began playing drums at the age of 11, like Kristin, he is self-taught. He played in an alternative band during High School, in a hard rock band through College, and dabbled in few country bands before starting his own band with his wife in 1999; now known as Buster Jiggs. Scott loves music, all kinds of music. At any given moment you could find him listening to anything from Johnny Horton to Queens Of The Stone Age, and his working knowledge of the bands he has listened to is impressive to say the least. Scott is also a songwriter, and is “The King of the Hook” as his wife Kristin says. Though Scott and Kristin are the last of the original 1999 lineup, they have picked up some amazingly talented musicians along the way.

Lead guitarist Pancho Garza is the owner/director of The Alamo Rock School in San Antonio and has more than 15 years of composing, recording, performing, and traveling under his belt. He was born in San Antonio, but grew up in Princeton, New Jersey. He would travel to Brooklyn NY to study with famed Jack McDuff guitarist, Ed MacEachen. He also took classical guitar lessons from a Princeton local and former Segovia prodigy, Alice Artzt. After graduating high school, he went onto to college in New York City at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. Pancho is currently working pre-production with friend and music collaborator Claude Coleman of Eagles Of Death Metal and Ween. He attended college in New York City at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music.

Bass player/harmony vocalist Tim McMaster is a consummate sideman/team player, his home lies within the confines of the performing band, playing the fender electric bass, and singing harmonies. Tim is from Philadelphia. While there he played with notable acts that were hitting heavy in the Philly Scene. When the 90’s wound down he joined forces with Americana artist and New Jersey native Tom Gillam, and after a ten year stint with Tom, which saw much local success and national and world touring, as well as recording 7 highly acclaimed albums, highlighted by the 2005 nomination for best new act on the Americana scene, and hitting #4 on the Americana charts for the album "shake my hand", the band decided to move to Austin, TX. While in Austin, Tim found himself taking advantage of the enormous talent that populates the town, playing with Will Sexton, Charlie Sexton, Jon Dee Gram & Randy Weeks to name a few.

Fun Fact:
The band name comes from a character in the old cowboy poem, "The Sierry Petes (or Tying the Knots in the Devil's Tail)" written in 1917 by Gail Gardner. Hence the groups logo of a boot wearing, guitar brandishing devil, with a few knots in his tail.

Buster Jiggs has recorded six albums and/or EPs since 2006. The latest one being the EP: Dirty Little Secrets, released March 9, 2013.

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