The band was unintentionally founded by El Segundo natives Joo-Joo Ashworth (guitar, vocals) and Jeff Fribourg (omnichord), who each graduated from El Segundo High School in 2012 and 2008, respectively.

"Frothing at the gash" is a crude Australian idiom which combines the phrase "frothing at the mouth" with a slang term for vagina: gash, typically referring to a woman who is eager to have sex.

Let the giggles abound, but Froth's music is just as good and nasty as its vulgar roots. They're blending a delicious combination of '60s garage, psych, surf, low-fi, and shoegaze drenched in Ashworth's exaggerated lyrical compositions bathed in washed out, heady vocals. Maybe some Country Joe & the Fish, Creation, and general '60s nuggets from the old school, mixed with some Brian Jonestown Massacre, Black Angels, and Entrance Band from the newer school. It's a neo-psychedelic sound quite popular in parts of Europe currently, as well as throughout Los Angeles – which is where Froth has taken it. They're presently based in Echo Park.

Black Sea

"Californian trio BLACK SEA's debut album, Keep Smiling, jumps happily onto the dream-pop bandwagon and directs it into wonderfully sunny territory. Complete with droning, reverb-heavy vocals, shimmering guitars and – most importantly – brazen tambourine-bashing, standout Fling is an infectious, pounding celebration of summer revelry."- sexbeatlondon

Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel

From the sands of Laguna Beach where Tomas & Wyatt and fellow Elevator repair service collegue met through a dolphin's cry in the midst of the night, waning-moon present and shimmering across the moonlit sea. The 3 most watery human beings then started to "jam" as a guitar-less mind exploration voyage through the realms of time and space itself. They then released their first full length self-titled album. But faith had the best of them, as their fellow collegue Justin "Martini" Martinez had another journey to encompass himself. Left stranded as a 2 piece, Wyatt & Thomas had to find a compatible space voyager to fill in the shoes of Justin Martini the so called "space dolphin". After endless amounts of traveling through the milky way galaxy and others, like the snicker doodle and reese's pieces galaxies. They found their mate. The fire-dragon, by the name of Andrew Minter. As the new family of 3 started their next voyage they then moved to the city of angeles. To a shack of a home in the middle of the bustling and ever so noisy and populated city, away from the soft and sensual beach town of laguna. They then, ever so swiftly released their 2nd release...the EP called "Staring at the Sun." An EP about the mind and how a human being can go through stages of love & post-psychotic-ness. As they live and frolic in los angeles, they are now working on another full length LP to be released in the next couple of months....but until then, they remain as Mr.Elevator & the Brain Hotel.

Mystic Braves

Horizons, time. The sad truths of society’s most accepted emotions. Dreams, insignificance. Events leading up to epiphanies, spells easily creating what should be. Stars sweeping across your soul with ideas of what the night will eventually hold, fears. The freedom of summertime, easy going lifestyles. Grooving beneath the everlasting moonlight glow. Frustration, beauty. Waiting, forever questioning. A desert tracking vacation spent hidden behind the shade of your own shadow, a psychedelic excursion we’re all checking in to.
– Sincerely, California


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