Shai Hulud

Shai Hulud are arguably one of the hardcore scene's best groups, yet that title seems a bit too hasty considering they have only released one full length album. Hearts Once Nourished with Hope and Compassion is a fantastic album that succinctly wraps up what the late 90's hardcore scene has become, and provides nine songs that are all worthy of becoming anthems for the modern generation. Shai Hulud on the surface may appear to just be a batch of musicians overdosing on testosterone and anger, yet a glimpse at the lyrical content of this album will show something quite different. Blazing with intelligence, daring the listener to actually think, Shai Hulud prove that there is integrity amidst hardcore's abundance of intensity. Anyone half interested in finding out more about hardcore should be given Hearts Once Nourished... as their first lesson. While Shai Hulud may not have pioneered the genre, they certainly deserve recognition for releasing one of the genre's most exquisite masterpieces

Perfect People

Driven By Fate


Members of : Hellfire Trigger, A18, 7 Generations, Outspoken, xOne Choicex, Incision, The Requiem, Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting, Better Days, Scream for Silence, Holding Tomorrow, Xif hope diesX, Xobedience through sufferingX, The Deye Mofo All Stars, A Death and A Promise, Xbreak the chainsX, Xbottled violenceX, Can We Win, Resolve, Strive Ahead, Lethal Enforcer, This Charade Is Over, Tied Down, Sweating Bullets, Who Fucking Cares?, Walking Tall.

Danny Greene

straight up hardcore.

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