Hi Fashion "You Are Gorgeous" EP release party, AB Soto, Purple Crush

Hi Fashion

The eclectic musical duo HI FASHION first crossed paths on the dance floor at a club in New York's Lower East Side. Rick Gradone thought Jen DM was a guy and approached her with the intention of picking her up. After chatting and discovering they were obviously both queer, Jen invited Rick to a Fugazi tribute benefit night at which she was performing. Once he heard her powerhouse voice, he was instantly obsessed with working with her. He asked her to make a project with him to which she promptly said, "NO." Undaunted, he wrote 3 tracks and sent them to her asking if she would listen to them. They have been working together ever since and one of those songs became the basis of "AMAZING!"

AB SOTO is a visual/performance artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. His work is an amalgamation of his Latin roots and early influences of street and pop culture. Combining his background as a professional dancer and fashion designer, his work is a stylized commentary on homophobic attitudes present in the dominant culture. Dance pop/ Electro rap from Hollywood, CA.

Purple Crush

im like the energizer bunny, that b*tch wont stop!



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