Graph, DJ Killa Noise

Graph is 25 from Wilmington, DE. He started a group called Science Camp Music with cousin/producer JC Syn(18) who has reached out working with artist such a Mobb Deep and Boogz Boogetz. Graph plans to drop his "Class In Session" mixtape early 2013. follow Graph on twitter to stay updated on whats new with Science Camp

Jay Lavita

Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop singer/rapper/songwriter Jay LaVita is versatility at it’s best! LaVita meaning “Life” is exactly what this outstanding performer is full of. His sound has been compared to artist such as J. Holiday, Omarion, The Weekend, Llyod, and Drake. Jays’ years of songwriting skills allowed him to master own style and sound. When you hear Jay LaVitas music, expect to hear strong harmoni...zations, deep lyrics, and emotion like no other. LaVitas makes music that is relative to all ages. Even though his sound alone is amazing nothing is better than seeing this young man in person. With 100+ shows under his belt, Jay knows how to move a crowd with not only his lyrics but also his stunning presence that he brings to the stage. Having a background of family with great talent, Jay developed his talent from a young boy and from then on worked to perfect what was passed down to him. Jay strives to be the best, and to one day be considered in the class of those who will go down as history makers. Jay LaVita is the next big thing!!


Malik Myers, better known by his stage name SmooveLeek, is a rapper, entertainer, and poet. Smoove recently released his debut mixtape Runaway Train, much to the excitement of his already sizable fan base. With the mixtape a success and fame in the horizon, the thrilling, original sound that he has made his own will certainly gain the interest of party goers and fans of lyricism alike.

The evolut...ion of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence. With his love of music and gift of gab, it was only natural that he would pursue music. After moving to Delaware, he started rapping in the school hallways with his friends and people soon noticed his maturing talent.

After coming to the realization that making music was his main passion, he began to showcase his musical talents at various venues in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. As he continued to grow and develop his lyrical rapport, he soon saw an increased local following. Since then, he has become a popular artist performing at Newark bars and open mic night. His poetic talent only added to his appeal.

Smoove makes an effort to write songs about his life experiences. His lyrics reflect his young lifestyle of random escapades with his friends including partying, pork, and white women; although, there are other topics to discuss.

Smoove can be found online at which provides photos, a link to download his new mixtape, and the opportunity to contact his management for bookings.

Check out Smoove’s website, or visit his facebook page, and don’t forget to follow him on twitter.

$5.00 - $10.00


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