Nahko and Medicine for the People

Nahko and Medicine for the People

Oregon-native Nahko, born a mix of Apache, Puerto Rican, and Filipino cultures and adopted into an American family, suffered an identity crisis from an early age. But the unifying power of music entered his life as a healing remedy, when he took up the piano at age six. Armed with his newfound talent, he set out to bridge the cultural gaps dividing his own psyche and began producing a public, musical journal of his journey toward personal, spiritual, and communal healing.

From his hometown of Portland to the shores of Hawaii or Bali, wherever he has traveled, Nahko is joined by a tribe of culturally alienated truth seekers for whom Nahko's story resonates with their own, and who find redemption in his voice, guitar, flute, and drum. Whether solo or with the dynamic group of musical troubadours known as "Medicine for the People," Nahko delivers a soulful dose of curative vibrations that moves audiences to dance, laugh, and cry. His 'spirited redemption music' lays bear the scars of cultural wounds, environmental wrongs, and social injustices. His lyrics bear the burden of heavy messages, but the load is lightened by agile melodies and driving rhythms that coerce all who bear witness into spirited, purifying, movement. His humor disarms, and his lyrical stories open listeners to the power of "Real Talk Music"—songs that reveal an honesty and depth so raw, it inspires an internal revival that echoes out into the world. Sometimes exuberant, sometimes savage, but always transformational, Nahko makes the movement move.


Saritah delivers a potent combination of feminine spirit, conscious lyrics and heartful melodies whilst embodying a unique union of roots, reggae, soul, acoustic and dancehall. SARITAH has a positive vision for the future which shines through every word she sings and every note she plays.

Having parents of different cultures, born to a Korean mother and English father, and growing up in the most isolated city in the world, (Perth, Australia) Saritah always felt a need to be a part of the global community. Born in Seoul, South Korea, she has also lived in Spain, France and London.

A festival favourite with a vibrant stage presence, Saritah has toured consistently within Australia and abroad since the release of her debut album Gratitude (2004). Playfully powerful, Saritah’s live shows are colourful celebrations of life. Her songs are reflections, affirmations, invocations, revelations.

The new album DIG DEEP, due for release in November 2012, reveals Saritah at the next level of her career. Recorded in the hills of Montecito, California, the album deals with personal evolution as the starting point for global revolution. The songs on the album were birthed from personal experiences of joy, loss, and inspiration.

TEARS OF JOY, the first single off the album, was released worldwide on Sep 21. Produced by Mario Caldato Jr. (Beastie Boys, Manu Chao, Jack Johnson, John Butler Trio, Beck) TEARS OF JOY has already been creating a buzz amongst fans and industry alike in Australia, the US, Jamaica and beyond.

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