Chico Trujillo

Chico Trujillo

The superheroes of cumbia have a name: Chico Trujillo. Now in their 15th year, the band is at its peak. Their contagious, recklessly danceable sound has united diverse audiences all over the globe, from grandmas to punk kids. They have a simple goal when they take the stage: make each and every person in the audience dance. And their choice of weapon is cumbia, by far the most famous sound throughout the Americas. But your parents cumbia this isn’t. Cumbia Chilombiana is what they titled their 2007 breakthrough album, a mix of classic Colombian cumbias blended with the more tropical, big-band orchestra sound made popular in Chile. Add a bit of circus horns, a dash of Andean folk, and a whole lof of punk energy, and they ended up creating a modern, urban mix of the popular classic Latin sound that seemingly everyone loves. While cumbia continues to see a worldwide renaissance, its mostly on the back of slick DJ remixes, electric flourishes, or more traditional re-creations of the oldies. Chico Trujillo forgoes the fashions and does what has always been the essence of a great cumbia band: they bring it live, and the people dance and dance and dance…


In the early days, before space, before time, there was only silence. Then in a flash, there was everything. Out of the chaos of the big bang there arose two forces-one cumbia, one dub. Separated for billions of years , they sped through the galaxy, always separate. Here on Earth, it was soon realized that understanding how to fuse these two elements together was the key to understanding the mysteries the universe. It was the answer to the elusive "Theory of Everything" sought by generations of scientists. All the while, cumbia was waiting with the Cururas in the Colombian rain forest, while the dub found a home in the dancehalls and recording studios of Kingston, Jamaica. Now, the finest scientific and musical minds have been assembled to reunite these two primal forces. Drawing from their expertise in a variety of fields and from the research of those great minds that came before us, Candelaria seeks to create a self-sustaining cumbia/dub fusion reaction. Recent results have been very encouraging

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