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As Cavalry Comes

It all started out as a little project and wanted to try out new styles of playing music, so we first started with just a simple Post-Hardcore/Pop-Punk band called Cherish This Moment (CTM). But then we wanted to make more heavier music so we change the bands line up and started a Metalcore/Deathcore band called Distance In Exile (DIE). As we progressed more into the music making we wanted to do more and different styles of music. We didn't want all of our music sounding like the same and wanted to really expand our music. So now we just decided were doing Post-Hardcore/Metalcore with our new and last band name As Cavalry Comes. Starting now there is no more changes in genre or name. Trust me we are sick and tired of changing stuff. So right now we are recording some songs and will soon release our first single and soon a EP. We are a 5 piece band starting Ivan on Guitar/Vocals, Tony on vocals, Paul on Lead Guitar, Jesse on Bass, and Sam on Drums. Basically we are just a band that loves music and wants to have fun doing what we love doing.


We are a melodic metalcore band from Rohnert Park, California formed in 2012. All of our members are in high school, except for our new lead vocalist. We write all of our own music and lyrics. We enjoy long, beautiful walks along the beach, drinking Tea and making others headbang. Hit us up. We'll play a show for you 😉

Frailed Sanity

Frailed Sanity is an American metal band from Vacaville, California. In 2012 Anthony Solis and Garrett Wood joined forces and formed a 4 man band that started off holding shows at one of the members ranch and eventually gained fans from San Francisco to Sacramento. Along the journey, Anthony and Garrett have seen members of the band come and go but through the bands struggles, they managed to come across two talented musicians, Joe Dobrzenksy and Max Ross. Ray had been playing bass since he could crawl and Max has had over 10 years of experience on drums. Frailed Sanity is known for their distinctive, technical instrumental style and often features intricate passages and trade off solos. Their fast and heavy beat is influenced by punk and thrash. They are also known for their raging lyrics that come from the members personal experiences including past relationships, religion, and war. Frailed Sanity is looking to please their growing number of fans and to put something new and exciting for all of the metal fanatics.



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