"I'm passionate about acting, but this is what I was doing in the dressing room even then," says Tamberelli of his love for playing music. "It's cool to do both, but music has always been my primary outlet."

Jounce is not your normal touring ensemble. Made up of childhood friends who have known each other since kindergarten, the musical connection between them reflects these deep roots.

Consisting of Dan Tamberelli on bass, Matt DeSteno on guitar, and Joe Ciarallo on drums, with all members contributing vocals, the band is a mainstay at bars, clubs, music halls, colleges and festivals up and down the eastern United States, consistently consistently building buzz and refining their presence in both the live and studio settings.

When the members of Jounce graduated from college in spring of 2004, the band relocated to a somewhat secluded property bordered by the Holyoke State Forest in Amherst, MA. They traveled extensively, playing hundreds of shows and sharing bills with influences including the Benevento Russo Duo, The Flaming Lips, Medeski, Martin and Wood and The Slip.

After several years, the band returned home and moved back to the New York area, where they eventually landed in Manhattan's Lower East Side. Jounce's self-titled debut album was released on June 29th, 2006 to rave reviews. The opening song "You Tell Me" garnered 3rd place in Relix magazine's Winter 2006 JamOff Competition out of over 500 submissions and the band began playing increasingly larger rooms including New York's Highline Ballroom and Gramercy Theater.

The band's sophomore effort, "These Things," was released March 31st, 2009 on GreenFence Records. The album was produced by Jounce and Rob Stevens (Magnetic Fields), and mixed and mastered by renowned producer Rob Fraboni (The Band, Rolling Stones, Bob Marley). The album contains nine tracks of previously un-released Jounce originals as well as a rendition of Guide By Voices' "The Hardway." Songs like "Too Far Gone" and "Who Hates "The Office" show the band's ability to deliver tight rock anthems. "Cold Fog" shows they can ease into a tune and still bring you away. "Truth Defines" and "The World at Large" mix catchy choruses with instrumental prowess.

Jounce welcomed guest musicians Marco Benevento (The Duo), who played keyboards on "Yenny" and "These Things" and Tom Hamilton (Brothers Past, American Babies) who added guitar and vocals on "The World At Large," "Cold Fog" and "These Things." Upon releasing "These Things," Relix magazine named Jounce one of their artists "on the verge."

Sun Cinema

Formerly Lamagier - n the summer of 2009, best friends and musical partners Martin Fleming and Shane Monroe of the house known as “Salmon and Earl” were hosting wild, all night jam sessions with other local musicians. The house, located in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, was
designated upon the signing of the lease as a place in which music was to be created. Stumbling gracefully into the fold were twin brothers John Corrado and Tony Corrado who play bass and drums, respectively. With the rhythm section taken care for the night it was a matter of time before Shane, Martin, Tony, and John were blissfully shredding and finding an easy groove together. A few more nights of questionable
behavior and unbridled laughter and a new band was born. With the intent of being massive and multi-genre encompassing with a heavy emphasis on rock and roll, “Lamagier” was created as both an auditory and visual project. Friend Brett J. Hopkins was brought in to run the
DIY light show designed and built by the boys and Lamagier was whole. With John on lead vocals and bass, Tony on drums and percussion, Martin on guitar and keys, and Shane on guitar and percussion, and an original and ever growing crop of songs, this band puts on a passionate live show that’s been turning heads ever since their first gig.

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