Cattle Decapitation

Well over a decade since its inception, CATTLE DECAPITATION has forged its not-so-humble beginnings in veggie gore-grind into one of extreme metal's most relentless forces, encompassing a sound as schizophrenic as their record collections but with a determined lyrical stance resolutely damning the ills of humanity.

As Crusaders Depart

As Crusaders Depart was formed in the spring of 2012, and has started to become a prominent band in the local Tampa scene through its unique combinations of blisteringly fast blast beats, soaring melodies, face melting guitar sweeps, and even psychedelic effects to grab the attention of metal lovers everywhere.


Built from the ground up & spawned from the pits of Tampa's long time death metal scene. Must...Not...Kill features Brad Mader of (All Out War), Dan Carden former drummer of (Fossor SIlenti - Brain Bust) on vocals - Aaron Hollingsworth on bass and Matt Lammert on Drums. MNK employs the elements of metal, hardcore, death metal, thrash, and grind to achieve a devastating result.This solidification of forces has Must...Not...Kill bringing the pain like never before.

$7.00 - $13.00


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