Incite are locked and loaded for a modern thrash revolution.

The Arizona quartet fuses tight, technical shredding and monstrous grooves together on their formidable second full-length release produced by Logan Mader [DevilDriver, Fear Factory, Five Finger Death Punch, Gojira]. Due out fall 2012 on minus HEAD Records, it's brutal, bludgeoning, and bloodthirsty metal.

Singer Richie Cavalera is no stranger to quality heavy music. Immersing himself in the genre as a kid, his destiny was always the stage.In 2004, along with Zak [drums], Dis [guitar], and Luis [bass], Richie formed Incite with that in mind.

Soon after, the band destroyed venues across Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States with everyone from Dillinger Escape Plan to Soulfly, garnering rave reviews from tastemakers such as Kerrang! in the process. The group's 2009 debut, The Slaughter, left an indelible mark on the genre. Revolver called it "thrash that's hard to refuse/resist", and the single "Army of Darkness" hit #31 on the Sirius Metal Charts.

Now, they're bringing everything to a new level with their second full-length. Incite's modern musical assault and battery has been honed and sharpened. It's their time now. You've been warned.

Everything Must Die

EVERYTHING MUST DIE is a unique Chicago three-piece grindcore band that mixes elements of hardcore, death metal, punk and all forms of extreme music to create a violent, intense sound with all three members as singers. Guitarist/singer Ryan Richards (EARTHBURNER, NO CONVICTION), bassist/singer John Seidelmann (NO CONVICTION) and drummer/singer Ryan Cawley (DEVANGELIST) were in search of a new sound in March 0f 2012, and within one month formed EVERYTHING MUST DIE, quickly recorded their TIME TO DIE demo, and went on the road as the opener for D.R.I, sharing their gear and cheap beer across the Midwest. Afterward, the trio hunkered down to perfect their sound and write new music, shredding the stage with bands like CANNIBAL CORPSE, GOJIRA, CAR BOMB, and many more. E.M.D. is currently recording their debut album LIVE TO KILL at Mercenary Digital Studio, which they promise will be more brutal, intense, and offensive, or double your grind back!



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