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I'm With Her

Angie Stevens & Haley E. Rydell

What should you expect when two established artists like Angie Stevens and Haley E. Rydell step away from their current projects and come together and collaborate? Both musicians were unsure, but excited at the prospect. As Rydell states, "I would be lying if I said I hadn't dreamt about working with Angie in a larger capacity than our previous impromptu performances. I had no idea what to expect, which in retrospect, I think was a good thing, because it left a totally blank canvas for us to work with." Stevens echoes her thoughts, "I wasn't sure what to expect. I have always been intrigued by Haley's writing style and musical abilities. I hoped it wouldn't be awkward!" And the band "I'm With Her" was born.

"I was surprised because it came together so easily. It felt natural and perfect," says Rydell. This should come as no surprise as both musicians bring a wealth of writing, recording and performing experience to the table. Stevens has released a live DVD and five CDs throughout her solo career and with her band "The Beautiful Wreck." Rydell has two recordings with "Haley E. & the Rydells" and another two with the Johnson Family Band. As part of this project, Stevens and Rydell are working on favorites from their individual catalogs, pulling in a few select covers and developing new songs. Rydell notes, "A lot of the music we worked on was new material, which was really fun, because even we didn't know exactly what we wanted to do with it yet. Over time, parts came together and it all made sense."

Both have a tremendous respect for the other and appreciate the uniqueness they bring. Stevens says of Rydell, "She has a musical interpretation I only dream of having. She can hear parts that I can't. She pushes me to be better musically." Rydell says this of her counterpart. "Angie brings a different vocal approach to our music. Can I say she's a bit more ballsy? "

More about Angie - Melding the influences of alt-country, indie-rock, contemporary folk and pop, Angie Stevens has settled comfortably into the shoes of an Americana artist with soul-bearing, live performances that have captured audiences all over the map. Stevens has gained national attention over the last few years following the releases of her first three albums. Her song, "Sleepwalking," was featured on HBO's "Big Love" and her video for "Stand Up Girl" was a pick of the week on CMT's "Top 20 Video Countdown."  Most recently, Eddie Bauer selected "Give It on Back" to accompany in-store video in First Ascent locations.

More about Haley - Born and raised in the flatlands of Fargo, Haley began playing the violin at the age of three and picked up her first guitar at thirteen. She taught herself to play and dreamed of someday playing in a band. She is fulfilling that dream now as a member of The Johnson Family Band as well as her own band Haley E. & the Rydells.

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