KD And The Damn Kids (Acoustic), Kwesi Kankam

Kwesi Kankam

Soulful music runs through our life like water. It feeds a hunger, satisfies the heart, and reaches out for connection. Joy, passion, peace and pain are lifted through sound, creating a touchstone of emotion. For some, that well runs deep & wide; with the potential to transcend the moment. Kwesi Kankam’s voice is a vehicle for that emotion; as clear as a running stream and as expressive as his story suggests.

Born within the glow of the northern lights of Anchorage, Alaska, Kwesi has seen much in his young life and time. From a West-African father of Ghanian descent and a mother from Ft. Wayne Indiana, his music is a tapestry of relaxed grooves and melodic hooks that stay true to his world view and artistic nature.



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