The Chop Tops

The Chop Tops

In 1995, Sinner formed The Chop Tops so he’d have a way to share his love of rockabilly music – but he also enjoyed other musical styles (like punk, surf, and psychobilly) and didn't want to stop playing them completely. So the band blended all of their favorite music genres together to create their own special sound. The Chop Tops even coined the phrase "Revved-Up Rockabilly" to describe their unique combination of rebel music styles. As the band progressed, Sinner developed his wild style of lead vocals combined with drumming while standing up. When guitarist Shelby joined in 1999, his talented riffs and high-energy stage presence were a perfect fit for The Chop Tops. Shelby brought a wealth of experience from previously playing in many San Francisco Bay Area bands and jamming with the likes of Chris Isaac. In 2008, Brett became the upright bassist, having formerly played with several popular Los Angeles 'Billy bands. Brett's string-slapping skills added the finishing touch to the “Revved-Up Rockabilly” trio. Together, Sinner, Shelby, and Brett have turned The Chop Tops into one red-hot rockin' act. The band takes their breed of rockabilly music across the U.S. to perform more than 200 shows every year. So get in your ride, step on the gas, and race down to see them'll be glad you did! Want more info? Visit The Chop Tops Wikipedia page.

Royal Dead

Energetic, loud, brash, Royal Dead are making waves in the psychobilly scene. Fast guitars, stand-up bass and aggressive drumming support songs about hot rods, girls, zombies, ghost, the paranormal, love and hate.

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Royal Dead formed in early 2004 and saw a few lineup changes before their current incarnation of Eddie Suicide on vocals and guitar, T.j. Miller on bass and back up vocals, Whore.Hey Vargas on drums

Captain Blood

Started in 2007 Travis Blood/Bass and Katie Kadavarr/Drums, set sail to start a band bringing on Markula to lead this ship, and recruiting Human Steve to play lead guitar. Getting their first show Halloween 2009 @ House of Jacks was the start of an adventurous journey. 1 year later having shared the stage with the likes of The Stellar Corpses, Blitzkid, Koffin Kats, 3 Bad Jacks, The Lurking Corpses, Rythm Dragons, Henchmen, and many others. They keep sailing these mile high seas not searching for lost treasure, but loud fast fun oh and... BLOOD

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