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Nick Andrew Staver

Nick Andrew Staver, now based in Philadelphia PA, has spent most of his musical career performing and learning on the run. Spending 7 years with his first band ever, Ledbetter Heights, Nick has performed hundreds of gigs throughout the Tri-state region. Ranging from solo acoustic performances to full band arrangements, Ledbetter Heights helped shape Nick into the hard-working blue collar musician he is today. Releasing 3 original albums in LBH’s tenure, Nick fulfilled the duties of lead vocals and guitar before the group split up in early 2010.

It was during his time with LBH that Nick began his musical education journey. First starting with Berklee College of Music, earning a masters certificate in Songwriting and Guitar. Mid-way through his enrollment, Nick was a recipient of the Paul Simon Songwriting Scholarship. Studying with Berklee, Nick began gaining the appropriate tools to which would be the basis of his musical creativity. Some people believe that music education hinders your ability to be unique and creative, Nick believes it is a springboard to hidden outlets of creativity. He saw his musical vocabulary beginning to positively grow, so after finishing his courses he began taking lessons from jazz icon and acclaimed teacher Chuck Anderson. Covering areas including technique, improv and composition, Nick has gained a musical maturity that has allowed him to unlock many closed doors.

Now with a new group forming behind him and new songs, Nick Andrew Staver is writing the next chapter. Always reflecting off his past and paying respects to his idols, past and present, his music moves within him and resonates with his audiences. Each performance is an intimate opportunity to capture a desired dose of contemporary jazz and blues mixed into modern songwriting storylines.


WaveRadio is a captivating and eclectic rock trio with a sound much greater than the sum of its parts. Thunderous grooves, suspenseful arrangements, and searing riffs lay the ground work for ethereal melodies and captivating hooks.

The band recently celebrated the release of it's self-titled debut EP at The Note in West Chester, PA. They performed an energy charged, forty-five minute set of the songs featured on their EP in addition to a few unreleased songs to a capacity crowd. Enthused by the success of their first major show together, WaveRadio is eager to perform again.

Maybe You Know These Guys:

Cotter, McGetrick and McLaughlin are all based in West Chester, PA where they have performed and recorded professionally in numerous ensembles and bands over the past decade. You may have seen these three out tearing it up in former bands such as Diatribe, Venomous and Monacy.

When McLaughlin and McGetrick aren't jamming with WaveRadio, they can usually be found shredding with their other bands -The Sermon and Ka-Pow!. If McLaughlin is out of town, chances are he's on the road hitting it with the legendary Chubby Checker just about anywhere in North America.

Cotter is also heavily involved in the West Chester and Philadelphia music scenes. He spends much of his time maintaining his record label and production company, TribeSound Records - the studio responsible for the creation of WaveRadio's powerful and introspective self-titled debut EP. At TribeSound, Cotter and McGetrick work tirelessly at recording and producing some of the area's finest talent.


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