Val De Val (Final Show!)

Val De Val (Final Show!)

The story of Val de Val is one of synchronicity, revelry, friendship,
aspiration (bordering on obsession) and unfinished business. Guitars bounce off each other like self-transforming machine elves trapped in a hall of mirrors. The vocals twist and turn, folding in on themselves, becoming something new. All of this unfolds above an unyielding rhythm section, in one moment a fit of impassioned frenzy and the next thundering ahead with machine precision. It shouldn’t make sense but it does. Their new album titled “Hot Blood” is available now.

Blayer Pointdujour & The Rockers Galore

“If you're not familiar with the elastic rhythms and ecstatic melodies of Haitian kompa music, Blayer Pointdujour will school you.” - City Paper

After establishing himself as a supporting player in the Philadelphia music scene, playing with artists such as Phil Moore Browne and Miss Argentina, multi-instrumentalist and lead vocalist Blayer Pointdujour stepped out on his own in 2008. Bringing together Dan Peterson (drums), Charles Duquesne (percussion), Tyler Hayduk (keyboards), Ian Nauroth (guitar) and Camico (vocal stylist), Pointdujour created The Rockers Galore.

After a few years spent making booties shake in Philadelphia clubs, Blayer Pointdujour and The Rockers Galore released their debut EP, Port Au Prince, on Philebrity records in the summer of 2011. That effort got them noticed by media outlets such as XPN, who crowned them with a best new music award and also profiled the band on The Key.

Now, the band has released their first full length album, The Bull, in late 2012 and as with his previous releases, Pointdujour oscillates from nightclub anthems to social treatises with his signature mix of reggae and hip-hop. Influenced by 1970’s sounds, as well as classics like Buddy Rich and Buddy guy, with some modern flavors such as Kanye West, Pointdujour strives for big, quality sounds in the studio. He says, “I’m trying to bring back old music but make it bang like it’s 2012.”


Instrumental shoe-gaze from Philly.

$8.00 - $10.00


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