Zero Boys

It came out of nowhere in 1982, this punk rock/hardcore fireball with the bright yellow sleeve. In one sense, The Zero Boys' Vicious Circle was yet another example of how U.S. punk seemed to peak coast to coast that year. For the first time, it was truly a continental revolution, beyond just the initial, mostly coastal enclaves of New York, L.A., San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, Portland, Seattle, Houston, and Akron/Cleveland. Yet, with all the attention paid to these more established scenes, and those newly emerging in Washington, D.C., Boston, Detroit, and Chicago, who would have expected an LP this loaded with sheer intensity, unfettered zeal, up-front smarts, massive hooks, and blockbuster chops to come from little, corn-fed Indianapolis?

The young Midwest quartet was surprisingly tight, with a precision rarely associated with the new American hardcore: leaner, faster, meaner, more riotous, and eight times more explosive than on their previous, respected "Livin' in the '80s" 7" EP. And the recording quality was impeccable, zooming past like an amplified dragster. "Civilization's Dying" (with its insightful tie-in on the then-recent shootings of the otherwise completely-unrelated trio of John Lennon, president Ronald Reagan, and Pope John Paul II!), "Dirty Alleys/Dirty Minds," and "Hightime" all zipped by so fast and hard, yet crystal clear, whole others such as "New Generation" and a re-recorded, suped-up "Livin' in the '80s" were Who-like "My Generation" calls to arms for the new, exciting scene. Singer Paul Mahern ("Paul-Z" on the sleeve) was like an uncaged rabbit, singing so quickly yet so clearly, you didn't need a lyric sheet. Behind him, lightning-quick, adroit guitarist Terry Hollywood and punishing drummer Mark Cutsinger had their hands full keeping up with the fastest bassist in U.S. underground history this side of The Minutemen's Mike Watt, the truly outstanding David "Tufty" Clough.

Gang Green

Gang Green is a hardcore punk band originally from Braintree, Massachusetts. The first incarnation of the band consisted of 15 year olds Chris Doherty, Mike Dean, and Bill Manley and contributed seven tracks to the This Is Boston, Not L.A. compilation in 1982.

That same year the group disbanded and lead singer Chris Doherty joined the band Jerry's Kids for their album Is This My World?

New lineups
In 1985 Doherty reemerged with an all new Gang Green lineup consisting of himself (vocals, guitar), Chuck Stilphen (guitar, vocals), Glen Stilphen (bass, vocals) and Walter Gustafson (drums). This second lineup is the most famous nationally as it was both the first to tour and the one that recorded the songs "Alcohol" and "Skate to Hell". This edition of Gang Green released the Another Wasted Night LP on Taang! Records in 1986. This record is considered to be the band's best recording and was a defining moment in Boston punk in the 1980's.

By 1987, when they were signed by Roadrunner Records the band’s musical style had come to lean more toward heavy metal and the personnel of the band, save Doherty, had changed completely. This incarnation of Gang Green consisted of Doherty, Fritz Erickson (guitar), Joe Gittleman (bass) and former Jerry's Kids drummer Brian Betzger. In 1989 Gittleman left to devote more time to The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and was replaced by Josh Pappe, formerly of Dirty Rotten Imbeciles.

The 1990's
After touring the United States with Social Distortion in 1990 Gang Green experienced a few more lineup shuffles before being dropped by Roadrunner and going on hiatus for several years in which Doherty founded the bands Klover (Mercury Records) and Hamerd.

In 1996 Gang Green surfaced yet again with Walter Gustafson returning on drums, along with newcomers Mike Earls (guitar, vocals) and Matt Sandonato (bass, vocals). They re-signed with Taang! Records and in 1997 released Back & Gacked (EP) and Another Case Of Brewtality. These records saw the band returning to their punk roots and even moving in a pop direction. Gang Green toured Europe and the U.S. extensively in 1997 and 1998. Chris Doherty moved from Boston to Cincinnati shortly afterwards and in the early 2000s Gang Green played only once or twice a year in Boston and NYC.

In 2005 Chris Doherty and a new Gang Green lineup supported the Dropkick Murphys’ tour of the U.S. west coast tour.

In early 2007, the band toured through Florida and up the east coast of the US with bands like Lucky Scars and Moral Decline before heading out for a European tour scheduled for spring 2007 that included UK and Irish dates.

Chris Doherty formed new lineup conisting of Chris Donnelly on guitar, Sean Boyle on Bass, and Dale Kishbaugh on drums debuting in July 2013 playing a co-headline show with the Zero Boys.. Current lineup is currently touring the U.S

SS-20 grew out of the burgeoning Cincinnati punk rock scene of the late 70’s/early 80’s, as the brainchild of brothers Pete and Robert “Jughead” Sturdevant. The band quickly became the de-facto house band of the epicenter of that scene, the Newport Jockey Club.

The band has been featured on local, national, and international radio stations such as WOXY, WEBN, WLWT, as well as stations in Japan, Great Britain, Ireland and Germany. In 1986, they appeared in an MTV commercial for Little Kings Cream Ale, featuring their song “Radioactive Waste”. In 1987, the song “Pope On Tour” was featured on ABC Primetime during their coverage of Pope John Paul II’s American tour, and a copy of the single is stored in the Vatican Archives. In 2002, on the band’s 30th anniversary, SS-20 were nominated for “Best Punk Band” by the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards.

SS-20 has shared the stage with many the most well-known and respected punk bands of the era, such as the Ramones, the Dead Kennedys, M.D.C., D.R.I., Subhumans, the Business, the Vibrators, D.O.A., Black Flag, the Circle Jerks, Social Distortion, Fear, T.S.O.L., Husker Du, Mission to Burma, the Adolescents, Gang Green, Rocket From the Tombs, J.F.A., Bad Brains, the Dickies, U.K. Subs, the Exploited, Agent Orange, the Dicks, Discharge, Agnostic Front, LES Stitches, Murphy’s Law, the Replacements, the Drones, Infa-riot, G.B.H., Fugazi, Soul Asylum, Suicidal Tendencies, Samhain, Mephiskapheles, the Toasters, the Murder Junkies, Toxic Reasons, Naked Raygun, the Zero Boys, 7 Seconds, the Dictators and the New York Dolls… to name a few.

SS-20 has played, toured and recorded continuously since 1982 and is considered a local treasure. The line-up has evolved over the years but has stayed true to the SS-20 mission to present a progressive political agenda, and bring to bear the inconsistencies of modern life.

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