Hindenberg, The Phreaks (Phish Tribute)


The raging spirit of Led Zeppelin lives on in HINDENBERG, the tri-state area's definitive Led Zeppelin music showcase. Featuring Mike McEwan (of A Perfect Tool and Archives) on lead vocals, Felix Hanemann (Zebra) on bass and keyboards, Karl Cochran (Joe Lynn Turner, Ace Frehley Band) on guitar, and Steve “Budgie” Werner (Ace Frehley, Leslie West) on drums, HINDENBERG is much more than just another... Zep cover band, it's a full blown Led Zeppelin experience exploding onto the northeast rock n' roll music scene. All songs remain the same. HINDENBERG have selected the best elements of Led Zeppelin's majestic song catalog to create one of the most intense classic rock acts around. From “Heartbreaker” to “Houses of the Holy,'' HINDENBERG perform these classics so precisely that if one didn't know better, they'd swear they had stumbled back in time. If you love Led Zeppelin or just great classic rock n' roll, then you owe it to yourself to experience an evening with HINDENBERG.

The Phreaks (Phish Tribute)

The Phreaks - www.thephreaks.com

The Phreaks are an all-star cast of New England musicians sharing in
the groove. Since 2010, The Phreaks have gained a reputation for
phanatically triggering blastoplasts and floating in the blimp a lot.
They recreate pantomime mixtures of Heaven and Earth using jumbled
events that have less than no worth. Their sets are borrowed from the
Helping Friendly Book written by the great and knowledgeable Icculus.
The Phreaks enjoy and welcome requests for high pitched cavitations,
olfactory hues, and silence contagious in moments like these. Can't we
live while we're young? The Phreaks can be found under the cool shade
of banana trees at many summer music festivals and outdoor events and
on the rugged trail towards the balcony at venues across the

The Phreaks play music for phans by phans. Please check out
www.thephreaks.com and set your gearshift to the high gear of your
soul! Bring your bucket full of thoughts and let's get this show on
the road. You'll be as happy as a little guy from a UFO who's name is

The Phreaks are:

Dave Brunyak: guitar/vocals
Adam Morrison: bass/vocals
Jody Ryan: keyboards/vocals
Zack Burwick: drums/vocals



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