A Class Act

Ashley Owen

You've seen him. You've met him. You love him. From coast to coast, from your mom's house to your sister's wig shop, Ashley Owen is everywhere. But who IS he? What is it that makes the best looking bald man in entertainment tick?
First of all, you must know this about Ashe: he loves his fitness. The guy is built like an absolute tank and even on the road he'll spend hours and hours (okay, minutes and minutes) doing yoga in his hotel room, in the lobby, or in the bus. That he does this while unsuspecting tour managers are sleeping mere feet away in bunks separated only by a thin curtain only bothered said tour manager(s) the first four or five times it happened.
Ashley has performed all over the country, and is best known for his work at Denver's Sing Sing, where he became a staple and a household name. Now with the Dueling Pianos Road Show, Ashley hits the road regularly to entertain and titillate his audiences.
Want the full Ashley Owen experience? Request Devil Went Down to Georgia or anything by Journey, put a $20 bill on that request slip, then order a cocktail and prepare to be amazed.



Live Piano by request from 5-10pm. Seats fill up fast so come early and enjoy Happy Hour 4-7pm ($3 wells/drafts, $5 martinis/wine, ½ off select tapas).

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