Lantern - Album Release!

Lantern is a Rock ‘N’ Roll band based out of Philadelphia that is centered around the duo of Zachary Devereux Fairbrother and Emily Robb. The two have created a relentless maniacal Rock ‘N’ Roll animal, penetrated with fuzz-wah monsters, boogie-diseases, exorcisms, black leather and sex. Inspired by their idols The Rolling Stones, The Stooges, Bo Diddley, the Cramps, MC5, David Bowie, and all the originators of R&B and the blues, they wish to contribute their mark on the great American folk music, Rock ‘N’ Roll.

They are releasing their latest album, Rock 'N' Roll Rorschach, into the mid-summer heat of July 9th. The album marks a shift in sound from the blown out world of 4-track self-recordings to a more discernable breed of raw power. Lantern's sound melts genres together, bending weird blues into a frenzy of fuzzed soloing and glammed-out dance beats. The album is testament to the odyssey of rock 'n' roll and it will make you want to boogie as soon as the needle drops. Sophomore Lounge Records is offering it up so come and get it.

Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band

Chris Forsyth is a lauded guitarist, composer, and bandleader whose work assimilates art-rock textures and vernacular American influences with memorable songs and taut improvisations. Long active in underground circles, he’s recently released a string of acclaimed records of widescreen guitar rock, and in 2013, he assembled The Solar Motel Band, who have quickly developed a reputation as an incredible live act, provoking ecstatic comparisons to visionary artists such as Television, The Dream Syndicate, Popol Vuh, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, and Richard Thompson.

His most recent release with The Solar Motel Band is the 2016 double album The Rarity of Experience (No Quarter). Raves have been universal. Pitchfork called it “a near-perfect balance between 70s rock tradition and present day experimentation,” NPR Music named Forsyth “one of rock’s most lyrical guitar improvisors,” and the New York Times calls him “a scrappy and mystical historian… His music humanizes the element of control in rock classicism (and) turns it into a woolly but disciplined ritual.” The Rarity of Experience was a regular on year-end lists including Uncut (#38 Top 75 Albums of 2016), NPR Music (#87 Top 100 Songs of 2016), Aquarium Drunkard and many more.

His next record, Dreaming in the Non-Dream, will be released in August on No Quarter.

Ivory Tuskk

Ivory Tuskk is a recording moniker for keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist Robbie Bennett. His first release "The Icy Lake" is a hazy blend of chamber pop and Americana that at times invokes David Essex's "Rock On" or a synth-laden Nilsson. Bennett most notably is found behind the keys for The War on Drugs, recently appeared on Hammond with John Cale and lends synths to bandmate Dave Hartley's Nightlands.



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