Madrox, Even Then, Love Bucket, Reign, Apollo


Imagine if you mixed Pearl Jam with Atreyu and took away the screaming vocals. Then add some old fashioned Rock and roll roots to it with some Metal drum breakdowns but happy guitar licks, you would get Madrox.

Founded in 2012 after lengthy talks of making a thrash metal band. The thrash metal band was a joke, but a band was created anyway. At first it was just jamming in the basement. Then songs were created from previous bands that Jacob Vi has been members in before. After a few months, the chemistry was solid and Madrox was officially founded.

Even Then

Reign, Apollo

Reign, Apollo is a progressive rock band that was built upon a foundation of honesty and a willingness to explore a different realm of creativity. With this trio, you are sure to find yourself lost in a world inside your head as their music takes you on a journey to find ones true self.

Reign, Apollo was formed two years ago as a breath of fresh air from the stagnant local music scene. Nick came... to Faro in the summer of '09 with an idea to freshen things up and try to get the scene rolling in a different direction. Thus, Reign, Apollo was born. With the absence of a drummer, Faro called upon long-time friend, Kenny Reynolds (formerly of punk rock band Cakeater) to assume the mantle of drummer.With the line-up complete, the trio started vigorously writing in the summer of '09, and quickly embraced the unique sound that developed.

So be on the lookout for upcoming shows, videos, and maybe a little surprise birthday cake for a special someone from yours truly! And dont forget to check us out on Reverbnation and follow us on Twitter (@reignapolloband)!!

$8.00 - $10.00


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