Dante vs Zombies

"Sure, they have these Dick Dale-the-Cramps surfing guitars, these unexpected turns inside their 60s-inspired pop hooks, these jumpy rhythms sometimes injected by exotic tempos, but, like the antics of their frontman, the sound often explodes in all directions and miraculously safely lands on its feet…"

Shriek your greetings to the new kings and queens of The Spaghetti Western Jungle anthem; the hungry dictators of Not-Quite-Gentrified-Ghetto-Pop. Dante Vs Zombies materialized out of thick air in September 2009 and in that thin slice of time have become surreal outlaws of the live "Sing n-Dance-along".

Reactionary pundits counter that they forced Buddy Holly and Screamin' Jay Hawkins to play on the first Siouxsie And The Banshees album. Level headed moderates (aka trembling cowards) point out that this is the only possible mutant baby of its members which feature key players from The Starlite Desperation, Jail Weddings, Swahili Blonde, Raw Geronimo, The Detroit Cobras, Brass Tax, Easy Action and We Break Cameras. (Proponents of the "factoid" seem to enjoy pointing
out that they probably live in the eastern portion of Los Angeles).

Beginning with their first two releases (Yes I'm Stalking You/Branded By Nuns and Oblivion/The Bible Belt on Infrasonic ) DVZ has assured The Conglomerates that they will assassinate, by messy beheading , at least two backwards assumptions about music no longer being fun or universal, and will relentlessly continue the terror on a regular basis, until the
so-called "world" complies with their vision, or ends up on it's knees.

Either outcome is acceptable. If you still don't believe them, meditate upon the following :

Dante White-Aliano (The Starlite Desperation,Swahili Blonde, Detroit Cobras, Raw Geronimo, Gabriel Hart and the 4th Wall, Lost Kids): vocals, guitar, marimba, percussion Jeff Ehrenberg (The Starlite Desperation, Easy Action): drums, percussion, vocals Gabriel Hart (Jail Weddings, The 4th Wall, Starvations): guitar, vocals Jada Wagensomer (Jail Weddings, Brass Tax): bass, vocals Matt Polley (We Break Cameras): guitar, vocals
Laena Geronimo (Raw Geronimo, Swahili Blonde, The Starlite Desperation, The Like): bass, violin, percussion, vocals, keyboard

Consider yourself informed.

International sensation HOTT MT (Hour Of The Time Majesty Twelve), is an experimental post-pop collective based in Los Angeles, CA. HOTT MT is the result of an ongoing curiosity project between Queen Ashi Dala and Spooky Tavi, which expanded to include multi-instrumentalist Bahd Bad in December of 2011, and guitarist Guitty Dryver and drummer Chairman Towel in early 2012. Thoughts and anxieties about myth, experience, conspiracy theories, and Thailand fuel the groups explorations.

HOTT MT made headlines in 2012 when they drove from LA to Oklahoma City to pay homage to Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips. The trip resulted in a collaboration between Coyne and HOTT MT on the song "Never Hate Again", as well as music for Ke$ha and Erykah Badu. "Never Hate Again" was released by Origami Vinyl in August 2012 with an accompanying video also featuring Coyne.

HOTT MT have recently returned to LA after showcasing at the SXSW music festival in Austin TX, and are currently working on new music with Artist / Producer Pop Levi. Their debut LP "I Made This" is slated for release May 21 on Manimal Vinyl / Frenchkiss. Other recent highlights include work w/ The Flaming Lips on a Stone Roses cover album (release TBD), live dates with Bat For Lashes, Wavves, Django Django, The Mynabirds, Vinyl Williams, Robert DeLong, Hands, and The Flaming Lips on their Guinness World Record-setting event.

Jeffertitti's Nile

J E F F E R T I T T I 's N I L E is a hypnotic river of sound that encompasses the senses of it's listeners/participants. Flowing vibrations transform us to formless and timeless dimensions.
For generations, scholars, specialists, humans and animals alike have pondered over how to reach this state of being. Search no further...

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