Long Beach Rehab

Long Beach Rehab

Long Beach Rehab was put together by Qball of Sublime LBC and Bad Brains singer Isreal Joseph.They added Smash Mouth guitarist Greg Camp, Matt Myers, Paget and Derek Hooks into the band. The band quickly gained fame and has toured the US, Japan, and Mexico with great success. They perform the top hits from Sublime, Bad Brains, and their own songs from their new release 'Bong Leach'.

Long Beach Rehab is now working with Snoop Doggs, Tha Dogg Pound and D.J. Epic on songs together and a big tour called LONG BEACH INVASION Tour for March,April and May 2013. Qball went way back in the early punk rock days playing and writing songs with old friend Dennis of Social Distortion . Qball and partner Monk were the record label and owners of the first three Social Distortion records, "Mommys lil Monster","1945",and single "Another State of Mind" .

Qball eventually bought out his partner Monk and became the sole owner of the Social Distortion recordings. Qball also was 1/2 owner of Fenders Ballroom in Long Beach CA. This is where Qball and Bradley (Sublime) first met and started working on songs during late night party sessions in Long Beach.In 2002, after the break up of Long Beach Dub All Stars, Qball decided to tour paying tribute to his freind and late Sublime singer Bradley. Qball found Matt Myers and they took the music of Sublime to over 30 countries, touring for ten years as Sublime LBC to crowds reaching 90,000 fans.

Isreal Joseph was the singer for the Bad Brains, taking HR's place during the 90s and singing on the "Rise" record. During those days Isreal started having personal problems and had to leave the Bad Brains tour being replaced by Derek. Derek took over for Isreal singing the songs of Bad Brains. Paget also was one of the drummers for Bad Brains during the Isreal Joseph days,and has also drummned for HR on other projects.

These days Long Beach Rehab uses both singers Derek and Isreal for the Bad Brains songs LBR is known for doing, while Matt Myers sings all the Sublime songs LBR is so known for doing.Currently LBR is working with Bad Brains HR and HRs guitarist, Grant, on performing together for future shows.LBR perfoms all the best songs from Sublime,Bad Brains and new songs written by both and is one of the most powerful bands around.

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