Imagine going to a double matinee showing of Led Zeppelin & P-Funk at Dream Theatre and then heading to an Amsterdam discotheque to dance til the sun came up. That's about as close as can be described without seeing Soap for yourself.

Like the band name, Soap’s music is undoubtedly fresh. With influences ranging from jazz, blues and funk to progressive, psychedelic and electronic, Soap skillfully fuses all of these genres into one – danceable rock. Set out to make every show inspiring, every note overflowing with energy and everybody move without remorse

Dance, rinse, repeat. Soap.

Smokin’ Joe and Friends

Known throughout the midwest as the hard-hitting bassist of the Funk/Rock band Dead Larry, Joe is all but unfamiliar with the midwest music scene. Joe utilizes his music as an emotional outlet. Most of Joe's songs are auto-biographical, and are as much therapy for him as his fans. Overall it's the message of love, hope and togetherness that draws fans to his folk/pop stylings. The goal is to inspire, and be inspired in return.


cover charge at the door

$3.00 Rail Drinks and Tall Boy Cans 2 4 1 Cover w College ID

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