Daddy Jive w. David Yellen, ELENA, Blow Out

Daddy Jive

Daddy Jive is a funk rock band quickly on the rise in Minneapolis. Sexy, sweaty, and sultry come to mind when dancing to their funky beats and rockin’ breakdowns. Their songs range from hard swung, soulful rock and roll to up-tempo dance beat deep in the pocket funk tunes. Be sure to follow these guys in the social media since they release songs a single at a time every month or so and can be downloaded from iTunes and listened to on Spotify!

David Yellen Band

The David Yellen Band is a fresh, talented band out of Minneapolis, MN. They have a gift for gathering a very eclectic network of musicians, and have developed an almost classic sound combined with a very contemporary way of executing their ideas, trying to bring back what music is all about.

The first thing you will notice about this songstress is her eclectic songwriting and unique voice. Her band delivers a sound that blends jazz, soul and pop with surprising melodies and gorgeous vocal harmonies. Her fearless performance and catchy hooks will draw you in and leave you wanting more.

"Elena delivers a unique performance...she has an obvious intimacy with the lyrics...[her] soulful pop and jazz sounds nod to Nelly Furtado and Astrid Gilberto. This is the kind of artist you want to listen to over cocktails on a patio somewhere warm." -Craig Lefevre, Dakota Jazz Club

"Elena put[s] on a charismatic show..." -Jake, BeSceneMPLS

Blow Out


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