A blend of experimental rock structures, punky energy, spoken-word melodies, and Judeo-Christian content characterizes the output of mewithoutYou, a Philadelphia-based band that formed in 2001. As the bandmembers looked forward to 2009, they began working on material that replaced their traditional post-hardcore flourishes with an emphasis on acoustic instrumentation and Neutral Milk Hotel-styled folk. The result was 2009's It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All a Dream! It's Alright, whose long-winded title modeled itself after the teachings of Sufi leader Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

Heat Thing.


Auctioneer's Craig Hendrix wears many hats on Philadelphia's music scene, as producer & keyboardist for Birdie Busch, multi-instrumentalist for Aderbat/Mammal of Paradise, founder & composer for The Agave Opera Company, and musical director of north Philly performance group Puppetyranny. For Auctioneer, his latest and most personal project, he draws on the venerable talents of drummer/producer Todd Schied, bassist Todd Erk (Hoots & Hellmouth), and vocalist/keyboardist Jesse Moore (Ladies Auxiliary). The band lives in a former insulation factory, neighbored by filmmakers and custom furniture designers, mummers, welders, DJs, karaoke enthusiasts, puppeteers and sports fans.

The debut EP from the group, due out digitally August 19 and physically October 6, is both contemplative and absolute, drawing on the freedom afforded through living and creating in crumbling, post-industrial North Philadelphia. Musically, the lilting gravity of the songs speak to Aucioneer's wide embrace of genre, from art-punk to chamber & choral music, from minimalism to afrobeat, samba & bossa nova.

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